Networking two computers via an adsl wireless router.

I have a (BT voyager) wireless adsl router and two computers with wireless revievers.

Both can connect to the internet but I want them to be able to share files with eachother as a network.

Both are XP home edition.

p.s. one of the recievers is a different brand to the router and other reciever. (it’s internal, inside the laptop)
Is it even possible to set this up from differen’t branded parts?
What would make more sense, the network being maintained via the router, or the recievers communicating directly with each other, because it just occured to me that they can do that.
I tried pinging one machine’s ip from the other, no response.

Make sure both computers on in the same “workgroup” (system properties > comptuer name > network id).

Read the Microsoft article How to Set Up a Small Network with Windows XP Home Edition parts 5,6 and 7.

Also note that if you turn on the Internet Connection Firewall, it’s unlikely the machines will be able to talk to each other.

I’m not a Windows user, so I can’t help you with specifics, but if they are on the same network (and, using the same router in a simple home network like you describe they will be) then you can network them fairly easily.

Use the help tool that comes with windows. It will explain what to do.

A quick test to see if the two can communicate is to open up the command prompt (start > programs > accessories > command prompt) and ping from host to host. (ping 192.168.x.x or whatever the IP address is). To see the IP address, in the command prompt run “ipconfig”.

Or, just open up Network Neighborhood and look around. If there are only two machines and a router, it should be simple to find the other host. If Network Neighborhood is empty, use the help tool (on my wife’s computer it is the thing with the annoying &%^&#@ puppy) to find out how to see other computers.

It can be done and it can be done easily. Good luck.