Networking Win98SE & WinXP

I have three machines: A and B running WIN98SE and C running WinXP where I am the admin. I have connected them through an Ethernet hub and I have two problems:

  • B sees both A and C but A and C only see B and do not see each other. What can I do about this? Further information which may be relevant or maybe not: I transferred a bunch of files from C to B with no problem. When I tried to transfer the same files from B to A some would not go and would give an error. Upon some investigating I found the problem was that these files’ names had some extended 8 bit characters rather than the normal ascii 7 bit characters (They were Chinese names). I went in DOS mode, changed those characters to 7 bits and the transfer went fine. It seems strange that the transfer would work from C to B but not from B to A.

  • From C I can access B’s resources but not the other way around. When I try to access C (WinXP) from B, I get a box which says “resource \compc\ipc$” and asks for a password. I have no idea what IPC$ is nor what the password may be. How can I access the resources in C from B?

You need to create users on the WinXP machine with the same usernames and passwords that you log onto the Win98 machines with. Do this by right-clicking My Computer, hitting Manage, expanding Local Users and Groups, selecting Users, right-clicking in the right pane, and hitting New User. Be sure to check the Password never expires box. If done correctly this should allow A and B to access C without any password prompts.


All you need is to export those resources by making them “shared.”

Number, in the WIN98 machines I log directly into Windows, with no user login or password.

Make sure that both Win98 machines are using Client For Microsoft Networks as their primary network logon in the Network control panel. You should then be prompted for a username and password when Windows starts. This logon can be automated with TweakUI or registry changes.

Is NETBEUI installed on all of the machines?

“Is NETBEUI installed on all of the machines?”

I thougth XP doesn’t use that?

XP does have an excellent Support Center with a Network area with tons of info.

Yes, NETBEUI is installed on all machines. I have no idea why A and C cannot see each other.