This seems like the right folder for this, as it’s a rough poll of sorts.

I am curious how many people have heard of Neurocam, and/or how many are ‘operatives’.

For those who have heard of it, what do you think it’s all about? A cult, a joke, a mindfuck, a mix of all three and then some?

Here’s a blog with a few links to get the process rolling

What exactly is it?

I second that. I’ve never heard of it.

I read a little about it on metafilter a couple of weeks ago or so.

Seems like a whole lot of nothing to me. Fight Clubbish artsy fartsy crap.

To be truthful I’m not sure exactly what it is. It seems to be somewhere between ‘performance art’ and ‘operation mindfuck.’
But I’m really not sure.

As for it being a fight club-esque stunt, quite possibly. All in all I’m simply not sure, and it may be smoke and mirrors, but I was interested in finding out some opinions from other Dopers.

After reading Euty’s PURSAM Project posts, I was intrigued by a brief reference to Neurocam. I checked out the site, I searched for some writings, and, my guard down, I registered. It’s been a month, and I’ve just received my first assignment. It’s harmless enough, of course, but I find myself wondering whether I really want to get involved in this. I know at least one person on the Dope is involved – has it been enjoyable? Annoying? Inconvenient? Frightening? Illegal?

I recently completed my second assignment, one on taking a picture of a ‘doorway to another world’ and then writing a short essay on the other world.

Very enjoyable, a bit annoying taking pictures as I don’t own a digicam. Not really frightening, and I’ve been asked to do nothing that’s illegal.

So far, I’ve found it’s a wonderful stimulus for my natural creativity and writing habits, but I assume others would have different experiences.