What topics do you suspect Dopers would like you to shut up about?

Every time I mention my husband’s disability (see, there it is again!) I have a voice in the back of my head telling me I’m becoming a one-trick pony.

What topics, if any, do you fear you are beating to death?

Well, I would suspect it’s my fabulous shoe collection and the sport of rowing but I’m kinda a drive-by poster and I don’t think I’m often noticed.

Pretty much everything, really. I’m sure the majority of Dopers are either sick of me or have taken that extra step and put me on their ignore list–tediousness not being a banning offense and all.

I always mention Ireland or the Irish context in nearly every thread. So sue me! :slight_smile:

  • My obsession with bondage and S&M.
  • My horrible job at the rodent lab, with my lazy, dishonest boss.
  • My emotionally abusive/cheating SO, whom I keep going back to.
  • The fact that I’ve worked as a stripper, and may do so again because the money is so good, and if you have an issue with that, it’s your problem, not mine.

…what? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I post often enough to have pissed anyone off yet. But feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I seem to have topics du jour, depending on where I am in life. My current topic is my son, which I’m sure people are sick to death of hearing about. However, he and my husband permeate my life outside of work. So if I have something to talk about, it generally involved either my son, my husband, my husband and son or my work. Pretty boring to most people probably, but not to me.

I’m curious if I specifically post too often about anything. I know many dopers think I post too often, but I wonder if maybe my posting about Green Issues gets annoying. I suspect I post about enough different things that the only major complaint is just the numbers of posts.

Inigo Montoya, are you whooshing me again? I am prepared to counter your belief, but last time I did this, I found out you were just joking.

jsgoddess, I don’t think you post about your husband’s disability too much. Now that you mention it, I realize you have mentioned it a few times, but unless I am missing a lot of threads were you bring it up seemingly at random, I don’t think you bring it up too often. I know of other cases, where this was true of posters, but not you.


See? Even you’re sick of me! :wink: No whoosh intended, I can’t stand people like me; 9 parts noise, 1 part marginally valuable substance.

Since I mostly post about Cuba, and only start Cuba threads I am certain there are some who would like me to shut up about it. But the things is, Cuba is about the only thing where I know more than just about anyone else here, so not wanting to look like and idiot that’s what I restrict myself to.

You missed out being from Spain.

flipping the bird
lack of self control
calling people assholes
using paint illustrations
living in san francisco
working in animal testing/ laboratory/rat death camp
people here being insufferable nerds
not particularly getting along with children

Well, it was nice knowin’ ya… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that post should have been in the Things You Shouldn’t Admit On The SDMB thread.

Whether or not Starship Troopers was a good movie

Whether Balrogs can fly*

Words that end in “-gry”

How long we visited the Marianas Trench
…And for how long

*“As Iluvatar is my witness, I thought Balrogs could fly!”

I just saw you mentioned recently in a thread, that someone looks forward to your insurance info. I highly doubt that more than a handful have you on ignore, if even a handful.

I don’t believe you are in any danger. Your posts are in context and excellent.

I hope obscure references tying Tolkien and WKRP together will never be considered something that should be shut up about. (Well obviously excepting lobstermobster who might think we are insufferable nerds)


I’m just one of life’s little burdens that need to be born; but for bearing which, you know there’s a star in the crown awaiting you in heaven for how graciously you’ve done so.

I can’t think of anything, but if I do go on about anything to much, feel free to tell me. I’ll be glad to review any suggestions but I make no promises on changing. :wink:

Probably guns. I’m not regarded as a primary source like Martini Enfield nor all-knowing like Stranger, I suspect I’m just annoying.

There are some anti-religion types around here that I believe drown me out, so while that’s probably annoying I don’t think it’s gotten to the level that anyone cares for more than the second it takes to ignore my post.