Never eat an entire pint of sorbitol-sweetened ice cream

Explosive is right! I ate a whole bag of sugar free chocolates once and had to call in sick to work. I told my boss it was stomach-flu, but it was more like a sound barrier breaking fart attack. One particularly memorable one just about sent me flying about the room like a balloon you let the air out of. Uncomfortable…but, strangely satisfying.

Yes, but there’s no warning about that on the package;)

[sub]Think of how sales would skyrocket if the wording were just right.[/sub]

Speaking of discomfort, does the stuff make y’all cramp?

One particularly bad occasion left me doubled up in bed. I could imagine these breadloaf-sized bubbles of brewing flati making their tortured peristaltic journey through my twisted innards. Really quite unpleasant.

So…apparently, Lumpy already HAS spilled…

Er…yeah…let’s just pretend I didn’t say that.

Oh, yes. You’ve indeed had the full treatment.

Of course, you’d think having the experience once would prevent the thought of testing the limits again, but, uhm, nooooooooooooo :smack: