Never, ever, stick a lit match up your nose

Hi. Long-time lurker, first post.
At a birthday party recently, while lighting the candles, my sagely father told me not to stick the match up my nose. His reasoning was the “stuff” (cartiledge?) near the top of your nose is so soft, it would melt around the match head, and the match would become unremovable.
Not that I’m planning on it or anything, is this true?


But do not stick the match up your nose. Or ANYTHING else. The nose is for breathing.
As far as the softness of the stuff (cartilage), you can check it youself, from outside (it’s under the skin).

Melting would not be an issue. I guarantee that the pain would make you remove it long before anything started melting.

What a novel way to remove those irritating nasal hairs! A nasal tonsorial.

Reminescent of my favorite Dear Abby letter: