Burning Nose Hairs - Anyone Try This At Home?

If I have a pet peeve, it’s nose hairs. Once when I was younger, I actually broke up with a beautiful, perfect girl because I saw one of her nose hairs sticking out slightly. I know that I could’ve just told her that it bothered me, but just knowing that it was there made any future together pretty much impossible. I like to think that I’m a bit more mature now.

And I’m meticulous about plucking every last one of mine, even the ones that have no chance of showing, just in case.

Then someone mentioned that when they were in Egypt, the barber took a thin flame and burned his nose hairs. He said that there was no pain, and more importantly, no sign of nose hairs for months.

So I’m thinking that I should do this. Has anyone tried this? Should I just use a Zippo, or is there a special tool?

Setting fire to your own nose without several years of training sound extremely dangerous. At least to me.

First of all, I was joking about the Zippo thing. But there must some kind of trick that they use, or else people would hear about accidents and not allow it to be done to them.

I wouldn’t try it. Sounds a little drastic.

I just yank em out. I especially hate the white ones. My wife has standing orders to shoot me when hair start to show up in my ears, however.

On a releated note, my DISGUSTING BROTHER has a forest of nose hair that grows right into his filthy, cheesy mustache. You can’t tell where nose hair ends and mustache starts. It is supremely hideous! I have told him time and time again to fix that shit, but he doesn’t seem to bother. I won’t be seen in public with him.

Goddamn, I hate my family.

A nose hair is a terrible thing. For all you todlers out there, nose/ear hair is the TRUE sign your on your way to old. Consider yourselves warned.

Now, as much as I wrestle with hairs inside my nose there is also the phonomenon of hair growing ON the old proboscus. Personally, I keep it neat. I’m always on the lookout for the next one. However, I used to have a cow-orker, a middleaged gentleman of simple intelect, who had a freakin forest growing on his nose and it drove me nuts. You can shave your chin, how about taking a swipe at your damn nose, please, for the rest of us.

Thank you.

I thought that for toddlers you were suppossed to tie one end of a string to the hairs and the other end to the handle of a closed door and then fling it open.

Was this not right?

I knew an old guy who was stationed in India in WW II. He said the barbers there believed each hair was tubular, and had to be burned after cutting to keep the natural oils from leaking out. Hairs are not tubes, of course, and the burning was wasted effort. An electric beard trimmer can do a good job of keeping your nose and ear hair at bay, without any burn hazard or the infection hazard of plucking. :eek:


Not burning but I take a razor blade cartridge (Gilette Sensor selected especially for the purpose) and run it around each of the blow holes. Because the nostrils are so sensitive, the blades never get a chance to slice…so far yet.

:eek: Doesn’t that hurt?

Dude, have you ever smelled burning/burnt hair? It’s an awful reek and it’s bad enough when it’s just on your head, let alone inside your nose! Ewwww.

And don’t ask how I know what burning smells like because I set mine on fire three times

The first couple of times I had tears streaming down my face. Now I’m used to it. And as long you stay regular with the upkeep, it’s not so bad.

Isn’t this how Richard Pryor set himself on fire?

My nose hairs burn every time my husband farts. It’s no picnic, my friend…no picnic.