Never look at nude celebs in FHM while the office's security door is propped open

The office security door that beeps if anyone comes in or out.

Luckily the person who walked into the room in stealth mode wasn’t the boss. I still skipped several heartbeats and felt like I’d been caught with my willy in an apple pie.

Let’s hear more about the nude celebs. :smiley:

I’m gonna move this over to MPSIMS. Fasten your seat belts…


Worse was then they sold those damn magazines in mylar packaging. Always looked like I was buying porn. I’d actually prefer if they toned down the cover’s a bit they’ve become embarrassing.

This is why I prefer classy, tasteful publications such as Maxim.


Huh. If you worked for SyphiliticDonkeyRapingSystems, your boss would be the one emailing all the smutty pictures. Makes it bloody hard to get any work done, I can tell you.

(Seriously - when a naughty picture accidentally made its way onto a client’s website, and management instituted a “no smut on your hard drive” policy, the first thing I did in compliance was go into my mailbox and delete every message from the Managing Director with a .jpg attachment. Nice to know management have their personal priorities straight.)

Acouple of us at work were standing around a computer yesterday looking at Britney’s Esquire pics. The owner walked up and surprised us. He said, “Whoa! What’s that?” He looked for a few seconds, and then went on his way. I LOVE my job! :smiley:

At my last job, the old manager, the one who I got along with great and didnt fire me, had a decent sized stash of FHM, Maxim, and a few Playboys. Her boyfriend gave them to her. Damn I miss that job.

I forgot to mention that these are at work, and accessible to all employees. She wanted us happy.

Wow, those pics were great!

Just a lot of well known actresses showing how average their tits are.

(as it turns out)

OOO! Those high-heels! :eek: