Neverwinter and D&D Game Invitations

Sunday, 3/2 after 3pm I will have my module online in the Neverwinter Nights servers. You just have to go online through your game, go to the Story section, and look for DM Doug’s Multiverse; the mod is The Temple of Elemental Evil. You start in the Village of Hommlet.

I’ll have it open for everybody- but as a treat for SDMB players who come in from this post I’ll leave an easter egg. Follow the south road out of town; then go east and climb the hill in the center; enter the cave there and after you defeat the guardians I’ll personally give you some magic if you mention the Straight Dope to the creature in the cage.

My D&D online campaign game is underway! You can still join the fun. Go to the game page to get started, or just to look around.