Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset: Conversations?

Hi there, I just picked up the (ancient) Neverwinter Nights game and I’m fooling around with the toolset a bit. I’ve figured out how to create conversation trees, including looping dialogue and such. But what I can not figure out how to do is set up an NPC so that when I talk to it, the conversation is initiated. I’ve assigned the conversation to the specific NPC, but when I load the module in the game and click on the NPC, nothing, nada, zilch and zip are the results.
Is scripting required, do I need to so something special?

Ideally, I want to have a set of dialog choices for Character 1 that’ll come up the first time I talk to him, and then a separate set for Character 2 when I talk to him. And then a way to resolve who gets betrayed and who gets supported when I bring Character 2 back to Character 1.
Anybody able to offer any help? I’ve read a bunch of tutorials and they’re more confusing than anything else.

Thanks in advance.

Blast form the past. I wrote a lot of modules for NWN1 back in the day, but man I can’t remember much.

Check the NPC properties, I believe there is a “default” dialogue option in there. You should stick the dialogue there.

You can use conditionals in dialogue nodes to alter the NPC’s speech depending on just about anything - a variable, whether the NPC has enough gold, a specific item, or if something was killed, etc.

You should be able to use conditional nodes to do what you want to do.

Thanks much, I’ve been screwing around with the nodes without much like, maybe some more trial and error will land it. I appreciate the help.

Heh, sorry for the typos. I’ve managed to get a conversation started by setting the script to random and the value to 100 so it auto-triggers, but for some reason i can’t figure out how to get the following nodes to flow from the first. I’ve got an elaborate set of responses and counter responses but the whole conversation ceases after the NPC says hi and I click on the first response. Weirdness.

Anybody reading along have any good guides that they know of online?

check out the vault I know they have an extensive section on tutorials, as well as a huge collection of modules you can download and take apart.