Neverwinter Nights: help with miniquest?

I’ve gone back to playing the game after taking a break from it. I believe I have what I need to finish the Lost Soul quest but can’t find the Helmite shrine again. Help, please?

It’s right next to the Silver Serpent (it’s been a really, really long time since I played that game, it’s the tavern the gate guards mention to you when you enter the Beggar’s Nest).

Played any of the fan-created modules? There are some really fantastic ones out there.

Guess I’d better go chat with the guards again. I don’t really know where the Silver Serpent is either and this walkthrough doesn’t help much in that regard.

No, I want to finish the default module before trying any others. I did pick up the expansion though after discovering that the lastest patch added things that weren’t really there yet.

The Helmite temple is in the southeast corner of Beggar’s Nest, IIRC.

Make sure to give Boddynock the bread recipe (you’ll have to hire him and talk to him 3 times). The thing he gives you for that is one of the most useful magic items in Chapter 1. Of course, you should try to complete all the henchman quests if you have the patience for it.

Unfortunately, something changed on my computer, and it will no longer run NWN. One day soon I will figure out the problem, so that I can start on Shadows of Undrentide.

Saltire, the NWN forums on Bioware have many answers to technical issues. Without knowing more details, I’ll hazard a guess: you need to update either sound or video drivers.

I never bothered with the “official” storyline in NWN; I’ve been into creating my own mods and converting old D&D campaigns into NWN modules. There are some great ones out there along with some lousy ones. It depends on your gaming style.

What I find most useful is that there is so much fan-created content out there, I have little trouble finding things which would make good additions to my game- new monsters, magic, effects, and locations. Do you like Spelljammer? They have a good working game. How about Planescape? Ravenloft? Greyhawk? All these worlds have active content being added almost daily.

Jeff Olsen, if you really get stuck the easiest way to get the “cheat” you need is to open the mod in the Toolset and find the originator of the quest; the info you seek will be in their conversation file.

I clicked on your link, Jeff Olsen, and I see the problem. The Beggar’s Nest section of that walkthrough incorrectly labels building 11 as the Temple of Tyr. It’s actually the Temple of Helm.

Thanks for the suggestion, Steelerphan. I think I’ve updated every driver on the machine, but I haven’t taken the time to devote a whole evening to finding the problem yet. I’ll have to do so soon.

Hey bit of a hijack here but I couldn’t pass the chance to play some NWN with fellow dopers.

If any of you NWN Dopers are interested I’m starting a campaign featuring the Pool of Radiance mod by Chris Fowler.

We’ll be using TeamSpeak ( for voice over IP communication, and we’ll be meeting firday or sunday evenings (our first game will be this friday).

If you want to check it out this is the game page:

I suppose it would help if I looked in the right district. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll have to find him then.

Something happened to mine when I upgraded to XP. NWN didn’t used to be so slow. Even having all the graphics options on the lowest setting doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I’ll go along with that. I updated my video drivers and the game moves along much better. Still need to use the lowest detail though.

Come to think of it, I had a similar problem to Saltire’s prior to upgrading to XP. The game was fine when it was first installed but when I recently went back to playing, I couldn’t even get the title sequence. Everything was fine after I went into the game’s configuration and disabled the sound. Have you tried that?