New 10th Doctor/Donna Adventures Coming

Via Big Finish audio and not on screen, but still Tennant and Tate, the best Doctor and companion pairing of the modern run. So good to hear them back together in the trailer.

They made a good combination on screen, I enjoyed them a lot more than the Doctor and younger companions.

Big Finish do some good work with their audio stories. I’ve not caught anything with the Doctor in them yet but the Cyberman and Dalek Empire stories were good listens.

The McGann stories are completely excellent, and they’ve done a splendid job of redeeming Colin Baker’s Doctor. My favourite, though, are the Jago and Litefoot stories, spun off from a couple of supporting characters from way back in the *Talons of Weng Chiang * Tom Baker era. And I am overjoyed that there is now a Jago and Litefoot/Strax crossover.