New 11th Doctor Trailer

Don’t know if this link works outside the UK, but here is the latest trailer for the new series of Doctor Who from the BBC.


Not sure what it is showing, either a clip or an illusion of some kind, but it looks good (as does the new companion).

Geronimo I guess.

I prefer the previous trailer, showing the rather curious old type Dalek, with some sort of military equipment belt and various spares lying around in the background.

It was only when someone on another website took a screenshot that I noticed all that :rolleyes:

“Not Available In Your Area”

Hmmm, what’s the turnaround time for Whovians to whisk this off to Youtube?

It’s in there now.

There are some photo leaks out at Blogtor Who

Scroll down for a pic of

River Song (!)


Yeah, it’s not clip, it’s just a sort of thematic trailer for the new series. If there seems to be a lot of unnecessary whooshing about going on, it’s because it was made to show in 3D in cinemas.

I don’t like it.

grump grump

Disclaimer: As a Doctor Who fan, I’m obliged to start off by hating every new Doctor Who.

I’m really not liking the way he’s delivering those lines. Those type of lines are supposed to be slightly nefarious.

I’m wondering why I’m not taking to this Doctor’s look immediately, like I have every other. Perhaps they are a bit too similar? Or maybe just because the longest I’ve spent is with Tenant, as I’ve only watched a few episodes of old who, but I’ve seen all of NuWho (besides the specials. I need to get that done.)

That’s my gripe at the moment, although I’m willing to be proven wrong. But this actor just seems too close to David Tennant - a bit geeky looking, young, cheeky, quirky. His scene in the final of the last series just felt like a re-hash of Tennant’s first scene, except Tennant did his better.

Yeah, I was hoping for a completely new take on the Doctor. That’s the real advantage of the body & personality switch. I suppose the geeky-hot Doctor has gotten so popular they are a little afraid to mess with the formula. Personally, I thought it was time to get an older, more cerebral non-hot Doctor again (Stephen Fry was my personal choice) and pull in romantic interests for the female companion on story-by-story basis. Oh well.

Probably some of it is a Doctor played by an actor young enough to be my son - how can I accept Galaxy-level smarts from a kid? My problem, of course. Chances are any Doctor they get now will be younger than me.

Hmmm. Not really impressed. I liked the first trailer better. This one gives the impression of being for kids instead of for a general audience. I’m sure it doesn’t help that the companion looks like she’s 15.

I agree with Eyebrows…this seems more appropriate for a Sarah Jane Adventures style “kids” program(me). If it wasn’t for the more Whovian trailer we got immediately after the end of the last Tennant episode, I’d be worried.

I’m really glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I don’t mind the doctor being a romantic figure on occasion, but I feel like they’ve been pushing it just a -little- too much recently (probably why I prefered Donna as a companion.).

I fully support the choice of short, short, short skirts on the new Companion.

There are a couple of new trailers out for the new series, which for us lucky folk in the UK starts this coming Saturday.

Doctor Who - latest videos.

Enjoy, if you can access these from outside the UK.

Here’s the slightly different BBC America trailer.

Rats. Not available in my area - USA.

Better veresion of Baron’s here.

The BBC America trailer is better than the UK one. Thanks Baron and Oslo.