New $8.5 Billion City Center Opening This Week In Las Vegas: Local Press?

Hints, sneak previews, comments from those who have had private access seems to indicate that Las Vegas’s newest gamble is quite the amazing construction it has promised to be. Here is the link to City Center.

As a local, it would interest me greatly if this is just a big deal here, or if this is a story that will make news elsewhere. There is a lot riding on this new venture as far as the local economy goes. Many think it will be a boon - others predicting disaster.

The grand opening is Wednesday, December 16th and was wondering if all you Dopers could keep an eye on your local newscasts/newspapers to let me know how and if this grand opening is covered in your area. My guess is that starting as early as Wednesday, you should see coverage - but no later than the weekend in your local papers with photos and reviews.

Let me know what, if anything, you see and hear after Wednesday! Thanks.

Oops - forgot to ask if you could post where you are located to give me an idea of press coverage.

No news here yet. I’m not sure it’ll be a disaster but it certainly will never be a boon. The numbers don’t make sense now and they never really did, any business it generates will come at the expense of the other high end hotel casinos on the strip. To tourists this just means that I’ll be able to get a room at the Wynn for $150 instead of $250 a night and find more $10 tables at the Bellagio than usual.

First I ever heard of it. But then, I don’t watch the news. I think the SF Chronicle may have had some references: their website has terrible searching, but a travel column compared it to a cruise liner that’s being launched that week, and another article discussed some sort of discounts or financing for condos there. No splash, though, as I’d expect – SF is a destination itself, and has little interest in boosting the competition.

I have seen some coverage on CNBC and other business news stations. I don’t watch local news, but I’m sure they’re fascinated on the typical local news stuff.

Haven’t seen any local coverage yet, but then, I haven’t been looking. We already have tickets for Viva Elvis! at the Aria. :smiley:

Calgary, AB.

I have seen nothing here, perhaps not too surprising- we are still concerned with digging people out after recent heavy snows!!

Will watch for any reports locally and let you know.

I am thinking of taking a winter break for a few days in Jan/Feb. and Las Vegas is on the list. Not for the weather (I was once there in February and it was almost as cold there as here), just for some entertainment.

I would be interested to know if they are doing any really good deals.

Sorry, that was a bit of a hijack (but still interested in data on deals).

Just up the road from you about 1 1/2 hours.

Nothing here about it. This is the first I’ve seen or heard of it.

I’ve been following it for a few years, and am pretty excited to go down and see it next week. We’re not staying there, but I’m definitely going to go over and check it out. After all the years of seeing the construction take place, the models they had up in… was it Bellagio?

I’m excited!

(Portland, OR, no local coverage that I’ve seen)

I understand why it’s a big deal in Vegas itself, but I have to say that even knowing that, I’m surprised by how it seems to dominate the local news there.

I’m in Vegas every two weeks for work and this last time was during the time that Vdara and the shops opened. That was ALL the news talked about. They didn’t even show anything interesting either, just panning shots, how much it cost, and how it’s such an omg big deal. How about you guys show me the suites? The restaurants? The shops? What makes this place so freaking revolutionary? How about where I park? (Still haven’t figured that one out yet).

Locally, here in good ol’ Bakersfield, there hasn’t been so much as a peep about the project.

Oh, I should note that I have received some discount room coupons for Aria and Vdara ($100 a night and $150 a night or so), but I have yet to see why I should stay there as opposed to somewhere else.

I don’t live in Las Vegas, but this was all over the news! Constant stories in the newspaper, plus every time I was someplace a TV was on, there was a news story. I couldn’t escape the fact that CityCenter was opening, even tho I live far, far away in Henderson!

Yeah, it’s just like a cruise liner being launched! If the cruise liner was helicoptered in to the middle of the desert and dropped several hundred yards from the Las Vegas Strip. And had (almost) no gambling or shows.

I’m sure there are discounts for the condos. Nobody wants to live on the LV Strip, especially with no grocery stores or other “regular living”-type stores nearby. And only a spectacularly rich idiot would buy a condo on (well, near) the Strip just so he didn’t have to make hotel reservations when he wants to make a spur-of-the-moment Vegas trip. How many of those people did they think there are in the world?

FTR, I think CityCenter will last less than 20 years. It’s a useless, overpriced, over-built huge bit of ugliness. There’s no reason to go there, and there was no demand for it to be built. Eventually it will just be the hulking mess on the Strip that will be imploded. It certainly isn’t worth the lives that were lost building it.

Well, it’s on the front page of the CNN website right now. Does that count? :smiley:
Viva Elvis! looks fun.

Saw it under construction two years ago…was absolutely floored by the scale of it. Anyhow, NPR did a Morning Edition this morning, that’s the only news I’ve seen or heard about its opening.

Other end of the country. Haven’t heard of it, think it’s an awful idea.

First I’ve heard of or seen it. Looks like something I’d check out on my next visit out there (as always I check out the new casinos/hotels/malls).
But how is it any different from any other new casino with a shopping mall?

OK - so last night was the grand opening with supposedly hundreds of foreign journalists, plus lots of US reporters.
Here are some comments as posted by the local newspaper.

As I am up to my eyeballs in mid-term exams for the college, I won’t have time to go see for myself until the week after Christmas - but am looking forward to seeing it close up.

If you Google “City Center Las Vegas” you should see lots of coverage with various video links and articles. Let me know what, if anything, you see in your local press by the end of the weekend.

Oops. Deleted. Didn’t see Dmark’s most recent post.

Saw a three-inch sidebar in the second part of the first section of my local paper.

There was an AP wire story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about it on Nov. 30, but nothing since.