New Aeon Flux movie looks stupid

Saw the trailer. Not impressed. All I have to say on the matter.

C’mon, give us a link, at least.

Ugh, live action? That does suck. Here is where I watched the trailer.

I don’t know anything about the character, but I liked the trailer. Why don’t you guys like it? Seems like a ‘normal’ sci-fi flick…nothing too bad. Having said that it’s not likely I’ll spend 7 bucks to watch in a theatre.

Agreed. I loved the bits on Liquid Television when I was a kid, but take away all that fantastic angular, kinetic animation and you have nothing very interesting.

I always thought the overall look of the Trinity characeter in the Matrix flicks was inspired at least in part by Aeon Flux. If that’s true, Carrie-Ann Moss, with her lithesome-but-strong and angular features, was the perfect Trinity.

Charlize Theron has a much softer and curvaceous look to her. Of course, casting for Moss for this flick would be too obvious now, so I suppose Theron is as good as any other babe alternative out there.

Not sure how this is any more stupid-looking than your average dystopian sci-fi-meets-kung-fu CGI orgy.

I can see it having a future as a cult flick.


There’s talking. Talking ruins the thrill of figuring it out for yourself.

And the Charlize hotness factor may not be enough.

They’ll still get my money, just not as eagerly.

Aeon Flux worked best when she didn’t talk; it was all action and cool animation.

Is there anywhere to get the original, non-talking stuff on DVD?

This film will die a quick, sad death and soon take it’s rightful place alongside Judge Dread as a truly uninspired incarnation of an otherwise cool character/story.

I don’t know how you can say that, based on the trailer. If it’s a Dude, Where’s My Car kind of trailer, yeah, you know the film is going to suck hairy balls from the get-go. This is your typical slick, overproduced Hollywood trailer, the quintessential cover that tells you nothing of use about the book. I mean, it’ll be Aeon Flux in name only, sure, but were it not for that unfortunate coopting of an old franchise, it might stand up on its own well enough.

It doesn’t look awful, I think it’s too soon to tell. I can’t imagine the movie being as weird and dreamlike as the TV show was… I really need to get that on DVD if it’s out there… but it might be worthwhile.

This, perhaps?

I used to have the Liquid Television sets, but on VHS, and it had the old, short, non-talking Aeon Flux (among other things, of course). Amazon had those, but only for VHS. When I searched for DVD, this is what I found, but I haven’t watched it myself, so I’m not sure.

Waitaminute - maybe this would be better? I should have just searched for “Aeon Flux”. :smack:
In the descriptions, it sounds like it’s a collection of the old shorts from Liquid Television - without, you know, Liquid Television. :wink:

yeah, I’ve looked at that, but the AF stuff is incomplete; it doesn’t have all of the old shorts, just a few of them. The rest of the stuff on there is prolly cool, but all I’m really interested in having is the AF shorts.

I’ll prolly never see it unless I find a bootleg at a SF con or something.

The other one I really want is The Maxx, but AFAIK it hasn’t been released on DVD. I have The Head tho, and it rocks.

Yeah, just watched it…and it looks pointless.

Would much preferred Carrie-Ann Moss.

This will die a quick death.

That looks better! :wink:

Give it a chance, guys. I saw the presentation they did at Comic-Con. It’s pretty good. Charlize approached the project with an open mind, and the creator of the LiquidTV shows loves the movie. We saw a lot more than the trailer, and it looks not bad at all. They are getting my money.

They’ll get my money, too – but I have low expectations.

I have all the Aeon Flux shorts, but what I love about them is the surreal art design and the hermetic/gnostic/magical realism influences.

I don’t really see any of that coming through in the trailer – and the few things that they showed which are recognizable from the shorts come across as cheesy, where they were fantastic in the animated shorts.

For example, the kiss-as-intelligence-exchange. What made that great was the outrageous in-mouth view showing Aeon’s tongue searching around in Trevor’s mouth, locating the artificial tooth, and then using an impossible prehensibility to open it and secure the microfilm – all this taking place, of course, as Trevor has brought his light plane into position alongside the speeding train that Aeon is on, and they are engaged in a brief osculating embrace while leaning out of their respective windows.

Somehow, a woman walking up to a guy and opening her mouth wide to receive a robin’s egg-sized capsule crudely passed from his mouth doesn’t compare well with that.

If they’d tried to duplicate that sort of over-the-top event with live-action, and carried it off somehow, I’d be staining my skivvies with anticipation.

Anyway, it looks like it will be stylish and sexy, and I’ll check it out for that, and maybe enjoy it – but I’m not expecting to see any of the stuff that makes me love Aeon Flux. I’ll just approach it like I would any other post-apocalyptic cloak-and-dagger flick. I’ll be surprised it’s got any of the mojo that made the animated shorts interesting to me; ie; the quality of being a sexed-up, futuristic analog of The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz, and an astonishing visual appeal that makes you feel as though there might have been something a bit peculiar that wild mushroom risotto you had for dinner.

At least Charlize Theron is hotternell.

It looks like a bad Matrix ripoff. I’ll wait for it to reach my local Blockbuster. Aeon Flux was interesting because it was so shamelessly wierd. Also, it was intriguing because everything was so vague. AFAIK, they never said what the fighting was about, and quite frankly Trevor Goodchild didn’t seem to be too bad a guy. It was very morally ambiguous.

This has all the earmarks of being another uninspired action movie.

Other than Alan Moore, how often do you see the original creator openly saying they expect the movie adaptation of their work to suck? I’m betting most Hollywood contracts have a “if you can’t say anything nice just don’t say anything” clause written right in.