New Aerosmith Album Opinions?

what does everyone think of the new album?
(post if you have listened to the whole thing)

Sorry, but I can’t listen to the whole album, because I listened to the first single which induced copious projectile vomiting, and I don’t think my health could stand an entire “Aerosmith - Mark 2001” album.


I think they should retire.

Grace Slick said there is nothing more pathetic than a 50 yr old rock star. I think she has a point. That said, I have no interest is hearing the album.

New album? I didn’t even know they were still alive.

I agree with spooje. They need to wake up and smell the dead horse before they start beating it.

Any band that I was devoted to in high school (which was a loooooong time ago) has no business putting out new albums. What’s next? The new Jethro Tull LP? When’s Black Oak Arkansas in the studio again?