New and improved donuts - no need to chew!

Just to clarify, KK doesn’t make ‘doughnuts’, they make ‘donuts’. They taste like sugared doggy-do.

It’s really hard to find proper doughnuts these days.

Just what my heart needs!

I don’t think we have them in Canada…

We have our Country Style and our Horny Tim’s (the latter named after a hockey player).

And believe me, Canadians can get very patriotic about their donut shops. :smiley:

According to the article the CEO of Krispy Creme is Scott Livengood.

Dickens and J.K. Rowling would be delighted.


Coming soon: the donut implant.

I, Donut Freak!

A donut pump. Except I can’t being able to implant one with a big enough reservoir. I myself would need to tow around some kind of tank on a handtruck or wagon.

I know of at least 2 Krispy Kreme stores in Canada, one in Toronto and one in Calgary.
We got some shipped in from Calgary, and I was hard pressed to see what the big fuss is about. They’re good sure, but hardly life changing.

I’m just waiting for donut gas. There’s a good snort right there. (Careful with powdered donuts, though. :wink: )

Krispy Kremes are really only good when they are piping hot and fresh. They’re so fragile that you have to hold them gently or they compress to nothing, and the glaze has just set on the outside and is still liquid underneath. Mmmmm.

They are not really doughnuts, though. The archetypal doughnut, for me, has a bit more texture to it. I like a cake doughnut, or an old fashioned doughnut. And I’ll skip the icing, although an all-over glaze is welcome on the old fashioned.

I’m not sure if I’ll try the donut beverage… it sounds a little too heart-stopping. Besides, if I’m in a KK, I’ll be having two Original Glazed and an ice-cold milk.

I know of the one in Toronto, having been there once. I have to say that their donuts are only good when hot, afterwards, when cold, they turn into unappetising tori of congealed sugar. Bleh.

Now, Tim Hortons’ donuts on the other hand, are divine. <drool>

I have voiced this same sentiment on the SDMB several times, and agree with wolfstu. Cream, or even 'Kreme", ought not to be “Krispy”.

I’ve heard the argument that they must be eaten hot, but that apparently isn’t a requirement for some folks. I saw a guy at the DC airport carrying about dozen boxes of KK donuts tied together, taking them home to a KK-less regime. And while I know you can re-heat them, I’ve had one at a restaurant where they didn’t. I wasn’t impressed.

Since then, KK has been moving into the Boston area. I’ve had fresh donuts, and find them good, but not exceptional. I must confess that they do jelly donuts better than most others. As I write, they are poised to open a shop where I live.

On the whole, KK donuts strike me as the doughnut world’s equivalent of Coors beer. When they were unobtainable in most places they were practically worshipped, but proximity will make them more mundane.


There are 2 in Toronto (One at Scarborough Town Centre and another a block north of my home, at Eglinton Ave and Don Mills (in the Loblaws Super Centre).

There is also one in Mississauga.

KK is good but far too sweet. The last time I went in I got a free donut in line, bought a coffee and left (I never buy more than a single donut these days). Getting free “hot off the belt” donuts are great!

While i’ts funny and cool to pretend that the new Krisky Kreme drinks are somehow “liquefied donuts,” they’re no different than any other given smoothie or frappe that one would get anywhere else. They just happen to be flavored based on Krispy Kreme’s famous “original kreme” donuts.

I had one this weekend, and it was delicious.

Aw, you’re a spoilsport, Freejooky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding. I really couldn’t resist playing with this a little, because on the rare occasion that I get a Kripsy Kreme donut, I have to fight the urge not to wad the whole thing into one gooey ball before eating it. They are supremely squishy when fresh… and when I saw the story about the drink, I just had a vision of stuffing donuts into the blender with a little milk and hitting the puree button.

It WOULD be a worthy experiment for some intrepid Doper willing to explore the limits of maximum survivable blood sugar levels. Any takers? :smiley:

Why did they do this? Were people getting exhausted by the donut chewing process?

For my money Krispy Kreme is one step above crappy supermarket donuts and three steps below good bakery donuts.

The drink sounded totally vile to me the first time I heard of it. Thanks to this thread, I now know that it isn’t the pureed donut I imagined it to be. Now it sounds like a cupful of glaze. Not much of an improvement in my imagination. I suppose some folks will dunk their glazed donuts into it as well.

No, it’s a lot lighter than that. I imagine the recipe is probably ice cubes + milk + glaze + blender. The flavored versions, like raspberry or coffee, would probably be pretty good, but I haven’t tried anything but plain yet.

Count me as not thinking the orignal style KKs are anything special The Sour Kreme cake donuts are damn good but not better than the same you can get from Enteman’s at the grocery store.