New and improved donuts - no need to chew!

Krispy Kreme has now come out with a donut you can drink, in case you’re feeling too lazy to move your jaw:

I found this comment to be priceless:

If you’re drinking a donut, I don’t think you’re going to be too worried about the carbs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmmm, liquid doughnut!


(stunned silence)

Hell, I’ll try one.

I can’t wait to see Homer Simpson encounter these.

I’m reminded of Bart and Milhouse’s “all-syrup Super Squishy” binge. I’m also reminded of a personal fast-food favorite of mine - Wendy’sBacon Mushroom Melt”, which I call the “Heart-Stopper”. I have to eat one of those really slow, or my heart will repeatedly stall on me during consumption. Not the greatest feeling, but what a great-tasting burger! :smiley:


If they sold these over here, I’d definatly have to try one!

We call it the “Good Morning Burger.”

When will they begin selling their doughnuts in suppository form?

I’ve got to say that ever since I heard of this brand, I’ve been amazed that it has ever been succesful. :confused:

Krispy Kreme.


Crispy Cream? How is that supposed to be appetizing? Every time I hear it I envision moldy, solidifying dairy products. Cream is not supposed to be crispy. Smooth, rich, fluffy when whipped, sure. But crispy? Baaa-arf. :smiley:

And while cream-filled donuts exist, I’ve always known donuts to be soft and fluffy and just chewy enough to heighten the experience of eating them. Crispy donuts are probably ten days old.

Plus, the useless K’s in the name make me think of the Simpsons’ Krusty Komedy Klassic. Evil donuts they have, over at Krispy Kreme Konfections (KKK Inc.). :wink:

Better yet, a doughnut patch.

AngelicGemma, the word is spelled “definitely”.

I wouldn’t have bothered to say anything except that I’ve seen you use this spelling many many times lately and it’s starting to bug me.

That is all.

Hmmm… sounds like you could definatly use a donut patch.

They really need to install a spell checker. Either that, or I need to spell.

I shall go hang up my journalist credibility badge in shame, and go work for ‘The Sun.’


Have you not eaten at a Krispy Kreme donut shop yet?? :confused: Krispy Kreme donuts are the best pastries yet crafted by the hands of men. If one didn’t see them being made, you would probably think they are the food stuffs of the Gods, stolen from Olympus, if you would actually go and eat one.

Now go, and eat one (or better yet, a half dozen) right now, so you can know the glory that is a Krispy Kreme donut.

I just wish it were a warm beverage, like hot chocolate, instead of a frozen concoction. Nothing quite compares to the taste of a sweet, buttery Krispy Kreme donut hot off the belt. It melts like cotton candy.

Let me get this straight- have they actually got liquified doughnut in those things, or are they just magically a billion calories each? I like doughnuts, but still… bleh.

In the interest of advancing scientific knowledge, I went out and bought one today. I’m sorry to ruin a good joke, but it’s really not so much a doughnut-flavored smoothie as doughnut-icing-flavored, which is to say, sugar, sugar, sugar, maybe a little vanilla, and sugar. It’s awfully sweet and bland, but not bad, and it does taste vaguely like the stuff they glaze the doughnuts with.

By the way, I’m pretty sure that Krispy Kreme gets its name from the icing glaze. It goes on as a thick, gooey liquid and dries to a kind of flaky sugar shell around the doughnut. Kremey and Krispy, see?

Heh. They oughta call it Kremey Krisp.

I hear they’re developing a Krispy Kreme plunger.

You lay on the ground shirtless, have a friend mark your heart with a magic marker, then he/she drives the 8-inch needle through you breastplate into your heart, and injects it with the warm glazed goodness.

No need to chew or digest!