New Board for SD Computer Tech Supporet Questions?

How about a separate board for Computer Technical Support?

Cecil’s columns and books never include “Computer Technical Support” questions. And yet the SD message boards are getting clogged with these questions.

How about a separate board for Computer Technical Support?

It’s been suggested several times, and it’s never received much support. I don’t really see a need to start breaking up GQ.

I think it’s a good idea as far as organization and structure goes, and when Cafe Society was introduced, it pulled a good amount of GQ’s content. I believe the administration’s problem with this idea is that it would make it look like we’re encouraging computer advice, and there’s no need to devote our bandwidth to that when there are better boards for it.

I suggested it about 12,000 posts ago too…doesn’t look like we are getting one. But I think that people could learn to read their computer manual & monitor manuals & read the manf’s web sites first for their electronic equipment & call tech support lines… before asking questions.

My issue with tech support questions is that often no one gives the manf, model, or year of manf of their equipment, so how can we answer? :slight_smile: