Computer questions.

I’m not sure if this belongs here. I don’t want to put it in the pit, because I am not really all that angry about it.
I’ve noticed a lot of computer questions in the General Questions forum. At times, it seems like it is the “Esoteric Computer Questions” forum. I guess I just want to know from the Mods why they allow this. I mean, there are other message boards devoted to windows plug-ins and drivers, hardware issues and other computer complaints. Cecil doesn’t answer that many detailed computer questions, so why should they clutter up the board?

Or, failing that, could another forum be created for that sort of thing?

We’re reluctant to create another forum, because it seems that every time we do, then demand grows to fill it. As for why we permit it, it’s because these questions DO have factual answers.

What we don’t permit in GQ are computer wars.

Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you.