Suggestion for a new forum

A suggestion. Please just tell me that has been proposed or studied before and I shut up.

I’ve noticed there are many computer issues posted in threads, in General Questions. Why don’t you open a “Computer forum”?

Only for computers > software/hardware/net/internet related questions.

Just asking.

It has been proposed many times before, and it has been uniformly rejected. However, in the future who knows?

When the SDMB Shiva Server Supercluster goes into place with multiple T3 lines for bandwidth, I’m sure Cecil will spread his figurative wings to encompass all fields and specialties.

He may even decide to be hyper proactive, and use clusters of zombie refugees from the Church of Scientology to staff a “pre-emptive question monitoring center”, which scans all of the computers on the entire Net 24/7, looking for ignorance and destroying it.

And as ad revenues come rolling in like trained pigs, the Cecil Assassin Team (or “CAT”) will be on continuous dispatch through the world, organizing and carrying out selective killings of lunatics, ignorant dumbasses, and stalkers and hatemongers.

These will of course be directed by the shadowy Discordant Omega Group (or “DOG”), a circle of 9, or perhaps 11 ex-Moderators and Staff members (you don’t REALLY think they retire, do you? Does Bond retire? Please.) whose goal is to maintain Enlightened Discipline (“ED”) throughout the world. After all, we all need ED, don’t we?

And as the power of Cecil grows in the far distant future, say, 2005, your so-called “world leaders” will dance like puppets for Cecil, and under the direction of the Perfect Master we will soon be ushered into an age of glory and beauty, where we will all live like Goddesses and Gods forever in happiness and peace.

Except for you, of course, who on 24 October 2003 asked a question that had been asked before without using “Search”. I’m sorry, if you have a deity or belief system you follow, please make your peace with the universe and wait by the curb for the Processing Van to arrive. And buh-bye. :wink:

<hissing at Una>

You weren’t supposed to TELL everyone about it! Sheesh! And now he’ll be on his guard!


Well, folks, looks like I’ll be gone for a few days, got some urgent business to take care of.

CAT leader

Oh man. While I didn’t do the cliche of spewed coffee, I have a grin on my face that just won’t quit.

(Does this stuff just appear in your head? Phrases like “clusters of zombie refugees from the Church of Scientology”, not to mention the acronyms of CAT and DOG and ED, are golden.)

IIRC, Chronos is a DOG. I think he should get his mangy tail in here and bark out a few questions.

Woof? Woof? Bowwow WOW bowwow? RururUFF?

Hey!! Knock off that sniffing at my crotch!

Damn fool DOG.

And I thought I was closer to be a veteran in SDMB! Didn’t understand a word!

Sorry if I didn’t use the search system. I didn’t even figure how to search for the question.

I’ll help you out Grousser.

Here is a thread from earlier this year on Why doesn’t the Straight Dope have a forum about computers? It has 13 posts in it so it should answer your question.

A couple of previous threads on the issue:

Thanks, folks. I was just starting to think you were joking at me. :wink:

Naw, jokes aren’t permitted.

Except in the Pit.

See?! SEE?!! There it is again! That hoppy orthodox jewish man smiley!

I know it’s history but I just don’t get it! What does it even mean??.. “I am making a joke? Grinny jewish men with sideburns make jokes too. I will use that smiley.”

I’ll never figure out when to use it. feels left out

Apparently, I’ll never figure out how to spell “happy” either. Sighh…

Actually, I see the ;j as a hippi wearing a ski cap.

I’d like to see a forum dedicated to people named Nelson: Questions about, appreciation of, and favorite places to have sex with.

It’s good to see Dopers worried to endorse my original question!

I’m glad to be a member of the SDMB! (even if I don’t get your PJs) :wink:

Took me a moment there to work out that “PJs” is “private jokes”. Heh. :slight_smile:

There are a number of in-jokes around the forums here, Grousser. Have a look for previous threads with that subject, or just simply ask us what we mean.

Good to see you around. :slight_smile:

And now, from our home office in Chicago, Illinois, the top ten rejected ideas for a new forum:

#10: Computer Questions

#9: Do My Homework Questions

#8: Complicated Question Which Needs to Be Answered in the Next Thirty Minutes

#7: Sharing Way Too Much Information

#6: Questions That Can Be Answered by a Simple Web Search, But You Do the Web Search For Me

#5: Questions That Can Be Answered by a Simple Online Dictionary Search, But You Do the Search For Me

#4: Whining About This Message Board and the Decisions of its Moderators

#3: Let Me Tell You About My Cat

#2: Threads with Meaningless and Unhelpful Titles

And the number one rejected new forum, the…

Multi-page In-joke Band-wagon Death-Ray Batman-v. Best-Lines Forum

I think we need a forum for threads that don’t fit in other forums.