New book by two Dopers - the truth about vaccines

Two fed-up dopers share with you all we’ve learned about vaccines. We have no ties to the pharmaceutical companies. We’re simply two ordinary people sick and tired of arguing with the wrong people about this subject over and over again.

We’ll show you: Why Andrew Wakefield was in the wrong from the very start – What life was like before vaccines – What’s in a vaccine (and what isn’t) – What’s behind the so-called epidemic of autism – Exactly what’s wrong with the really bad anti-vax websites – Where to find the good sources to use in an argument – How they test vaccines for safety – What you can do to help reduce true vaccine reactions.

Two hundred and twenty pages of footnoted, double-checked, multi-sourced, Paul Offit/Respectful Insolence-endorsed honest and accurate information about one of the vitally important subjects of our time. A must for any parent and anyone else interested in vaccines.

Available on Kindle starting tomorrow, and available for pre-order in hardcover:

Whew! I thought this was going to be the TRUTH about vaccines and autism (which didn’t EXIST before vaccines) and St. Wakefield.

Good on ya for debunking the above pack of BS. :slight_smile:

Congrats. Hope you sell a lot of copies. It’s too bad a book like this is needed for this purpose.

Ummm I don’t want to tell you how to sell books but when I took the link Amazon said there was only 1 book left in stock. Kind of a small first printing IMHO.
If it were me I probably would have them print at least a dozen. :smiley:
Seriously congrats. Looks like you did a great job.

We think Wakefield ought to be shot. And eaten.


Or fed to wolves. Or sent back in time to beg for forgiveness from smallpox victims. Or forced to tend to little kids with measles.

Failing that, a long jail sentence for scientific fraud and child abuse would be just fine.

Any chance the parents of children who contract infectious diseases from an unvaccinated child could sue that rat bastard until his ears leak?

Thank you. Must be an Amazon glitch. I’ll have to mention that to Rowman & Littlefield. We STILL haven’t gotten our author’s copies, grumble, grumble, grumble, whine, whine, whine.

I nearly fainted when Dr. Offit told us he loved the book. Offit was extremely helpful while we were writing the book. He answered our questions with great patience. One of my honest to god heroes.

That fuckhead had the nerve to sue the British Journal of Medicine and two people for pointing out what a fuckhead he is. The lawsuit was just recently dismissed.

I read the pages available on Amazon and will read the book even though I don’t have kids or any particular interest in the topic, just because you write well – and of course because you’re Dopers! Good luck. And it’s good to see it’s available on the Kindle right away too.

LavenderBlue, I am proud to share a message board with you!
I wish you the very best and will be buying a copy this weekend.
And, I will be using it to convince some of my friends that they have been mislead for years by the antivax crowd.


Send Phil Plait a copy, he hates the anti-vax crap and has a popular blog.

Big congratulations!

Thanks for taking the trouble!!

Thank you for that suggestion. I am donating my share of any profits to this website. Helping poor kids get vaccinated against measles is just wonderful work. I think that’s what makes me craziest about anti-vaxxers: their pretense that nothing will happen if we stop vaccinating.

I plan to order a copy and have it sent to the following address:

Jenny McCarthy
Jenny Mccarthy Productions
Bloom, Hergott and Diemer, Llp
150 S Rodeo Drive
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Posted on my Facebook feed … mainly to piss off an anti-vaxer I know, but hopefully it’ll boost the signal. :wink:

Congratulations, you guys. It sounds like a terrific book.

A much needed book. I’ve recommended it for purchase to our city library.

I don’t plan to buy or read your book but autism deniers are in the same class as the anti-vaxers IMO.

It’s not a question of denial. It’s two questions: is there really an epidemic of autism and if so what’s fueling it?

We get into that in the book in greater detail. But briefly as nearly as scientists can tell right now most the epidemic seems to stem from factors such as increased diagnostic awareness by peds, more available social services for autism patients and a push to give kids an autism diagnosis rather than one of mental retardation or learning disabilities.

This paper in the April 1st 2006 edition of Pediatrics examines the issue more closely.