New Chick Tract- with Muhammad!

Men of Peace?

This is a basic anti-Muslim tract. The storyline is about a terrorist attack in London, which leads into a story about how Muhammad was just as violent as the terrorists who follow him. But the shocking thing is that Muhammad is drawn a number of times, including having his head chopped off. Apparently, Chick Publications doesn’t care about what’s happening in Denmark.

Also, a new addition to the “black tract” series: Who is Allah?, a version of Allah Had No Son with all the characters retinted to be African-Americans.

Actually, now that I look at it, Muhammad is chopping somebody else’s head off. Also available in Spanish!

I just luuuuv the way Chick implies Catholicism in the origin of Islam (panel 23)

But at least the daughter HAS heard about Jesus “a million times” before… :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh Oh! Muhammad is tossing out the Burninator!

In the past he’s done more than imply that.

Drew Mohammed in that one, too.

But somehow, I suspect Chick will manage to die of natural causes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me about Chick tracts. It’s been months since I read his last one.

Not that I’m a big fan of Chick but I’m wondering why the incident in Denmark should stop him from drawing Muhammad? Why should it stop any artist from depicting Muhammad?


I’m amused that Jenny talks like and Grandpa treats her as a child, but Chick has made her look l like a middle aged woman.

I read it and found it an interesting take on–wait, I did WHAT?! OH NO!!!

<buries head in the sand>

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Mr. Chick’s comics were leg-pulls of the highest order, but apparently he’s quite serious! :eek:

I really don’t know what to say, other than his comics must surely be written for an audience that already agrees with his views anyway…

Random thoughts that enter my head when reading a Chick tract…

Man, that’s one ugly-arse dog that Gramps has a picture of.

I like the Batman “Gabriel”: “Who are you?” “I’m Gabriel.

Why is Jenny wearing Dan Dare’s eyebrows?

Does London even have city blocks?

I’m pretty sure Catholicism didn’t exist as a separate denomination back then.

And most importantly…

Where can I get me some of those great idols? I want the bird-fish-tits-thing!

I had no idea that Trogdor had his own religion. Makes sense to me.

There’s no reason any artist should depict Muhammad. I just thought it was surprising that a tract showing Muhammad was released so soon after the Muhammad cartoon incident (which, granted, was partially triggered after a picture of a man in a pig costume was added to the Danish cartoons).

That should read, there’s no reason any artist shouldn’t depict Muhammed. Besides, not only does Islam forbid any depiction of human form, so does Christianity technically (“thou shalt not make any graven images”), so Chick would be going to Hell- not that he’d admit that. He also says the Bible says not to add to God’s word, which is pretty much what he’s doing…

So the Muslims who live next door to me must be bad Muslims - because they forgot to decapitate me - or maybe the curry they cooked for me on Saturday simply failed to explode.

There was a bank behind Big Ben… Who Knew… I always assumed it was Westminster. How stupid of me.

By they way what do the guys in the fourth panel mean? Was there something really supper special aboutt taht terrorist group that the rest of the world shouldn’t know?

To be honest it started as an interesting story until they cut to Grandpa Knowitall and his dopey dughter.

I’d say that’s Chick’s take on some sort of “Global Conspiracy” scenario where the Establishment deliberately hides the “truth” about the grave threats to Christian civilization, because if we only knew, we’d all promptly convert to Chickstianity.

Nittypick: Westminster is a district. You mean “The Palace of Westminster”. Yes, the only way they could get that shot would be if the Palace of Westminster went kablooie. I admire the precision bombing that allowed the palace to blow up, but preserved St. Stephen’s Tower (in which the bell Big Ben is housed), even though it’s an integral part of the palace. Handy, too, when the bombers leave the readily identifiable city landmarks in place!

And the chicken shit terrorist actually ran away rather than blew himself up. Typical of those cowardly suicide bombers… er…

Considering that he accuses Muhammad of robbery, rape, kidnapping, torture, and murder, the fact that he drew Muhammad would seem to be the least of his offenses in Islamic eyes! You gotta hand it to Chick, he doesn’t mince words.

Couldn’t the shot have been taken facing north, so that whatever’s across the street from the Palace went kablooie?

(I can’t believe I’m arguing over the plausibility of a Chick tract.)

No, they are tracts. Their whole purpose is to convert unbelievers and get them to Accept Jesus as their Personal Lord and Savior. The people who buy them, of course, are believers who then distribute them, push them on people, leave them lying around, in hopes of saving souls.

To get the full-length shot of the clock tower without the palace in the foreground, there are only two angles - see this satellite shot, and it’s otherwise surrounded by a park - see piccy here.

Nor can I.