Chick is at it again. Haw, Haw

New Chick track takes on the WTC plane crash. Enjoy!

Boy, his mother’s gonna be pissed when he gets home…

Good thing that Omar knows that Uncle Bob doesn’t lie, either. I mean, otherwise the tract would be just silly.

I’m going to go find that Omar and sell him a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge. He’ll believe anything anyone says.


What a totally offensive piece of piffleshite.

Next day, newly-converted Christian Omar goes back to work, and still gets th’ crap bashed outta him, because he comes from th’ Middle East, and his attackers only see that.


Wow, Chick’s quality control has really been asleep at the wheel. This one isn’t even funny. Let’s hope he gets his act together and starts pulling some out like he did in the begining. I mean, after all, without the humor all these tracts are religious drivel.

I wonder what TAI would say. Not funny at all.

Waitaminute…where’s my “HAW, HAW”? I lowered myself to reading this whole thing and adding traffic to this virulent shitsucker’s site, and I don’t even get a big, obnoxious, buck-toothed “HAW, HAW!”???

Wotta ripoff.

Can someone find his ass a hobby? Jeez.

Worst. Chick Tract. Ever.

Wow. I hate myself for saying that.

Is it just me, or does Bob look suspiciously like the late Johkar Dudayev, president of Chechnya?

How can one comment on that drek? It criticizes itself.



Man, Bob Williams creeps me the fuck out. The guy looks like a child molestor.

I didn’t think that was too bad at all, actually… I mean I know we take a lot of pleasure kicking Jacko around on this board, me as much as anyone, but that… I’m like, not offended. Huh.

He denounces so-called-Christians who are filled with hate and promotes actual goodwill towards people of different religions and races. I mean of course he drops the Christian message in there, but that’s the whole point of the thing. Overall, rather tasteful actually. Creepy.


I liked the casual use of the word “infidel.”

“Good morning, Omar.”

“Good morning, infidel.”

That’s pretty much what I was thinking. Looking at how people have been so offended by previous tracts, this one was tame. It didn’t even go out of the way to insult Islam. It just pointed out Christianity, which, like Chaarms says, is the message.

Do you realise how offesive that remark is to child molesters everywhare?

Perhaps the Vatican could…

…no, nevermind.

The offensive bits are more backhanded than direct, “Jesus teaches us to love our enemies.” Why was Omar Bob’s enemy in the first place? Overall I have to say it’s one of the least offensive tracts I’ve seen and the closest to the teachings of Christ. Is Jack mellowing in his old age? Now that is surely a sign of the end times.

There are good Chick tracts?