Chick is at it again. Haw, Haw

I found it somewhat insulting that Chick paints his muslims in such extreme shades- How many muslims do you know? Sheesh, they are not going to let you sit on the side of the road because you are an Infidel! Damn people, American-Muslims are not cold blooded.

Don’t find it insulting indeed. How about I paint some more christians as Hell-fire inflicting fanatics. I am sure you would be insulted as much as a muslim reading this tract.

My favorite part is in the instructions on how to be saved: “Dear God, thank you for showing me what you think about Islam. * I also reject it! *”

Oh, you gotta see this one!

"What are they doing Daddy?
“They’re praying to their Moon God, son.”

No, just a grayscale shading of vileness.

Chick does a pretty good job of that most of the time, too.

Bob implies that all Muslims are “enemies.”

Omar implies that no Muslim would ever help an “infidel.”

Omar is shocked that “infidels” would help him.

Omar implies that Islam does not teach that Allah is a loving God.

Bob thinks that Allah and God are two different things.

His statement that “Allah can offer you nothing…” is patented self-righteous, ignorant, ethnocentric, arrogant, racist, Jack Chick fanatacism.

Chick portrays the blind man is a blonde-haired white guy.

The Good Samaritan did not try to proselytize the guy that he helped.
Still, Chick could have done better. He did not depict Omar as a raving maniacal zealot. He could have also been more explicit in laying the blame for 9/11 on Islam as a religion.

I give the tract a 6.

This’ll go over big in Riyadh.

Yeah, I was actually reading through this one and thinking “Gee, old Jack’s actually come up with a tract that isn’t hateful…He’s doing the Parable of the Good Samaritan!” But then we come to “I wouldn’t help you if you were beaten up…You’re an infidel!


Cite, Jack?

I’ve seen that one, Lissa. It’s the one where Chick supposedly shows that “Allah” is a totally different being from “God”. If I’m not mistaken, don’t Arab Christians call him “Allah” too? Is it the name itself Chick objects to, do you suppose? I bet he thinks Spanish speakers are all going to hell for praying to the false god “Dios”.

And as for this “Moon God” nonsense, well that’s just supreme idiocy. One could make the claim that Chick’s God is just another incarnation of an ancient volcano deity called “Yahweh”, formerly worshipped in the Arabian Peninsula, and that Chick is therefore a volcano-worshipping pagan. Someone should point that out to him. How do you think he’d weasel out of that one?

Not sure if you meant that how it reads, but Islam as a religion is no more to blame for 9/11 than Catholicism is to be blamed for bombing of family planning clinics. People have time and again taken the teachings of their religion out of context, and fueled by zealotry, gone on to commit atrocities. That is NOT the fault of the original teaching. It is only the perversions of a man’s mind that cause him to maim and slay his fellow man in the name of God. God didn’t want it that way.

You know that, I know that and Diogenes the Cynic certainly knows that. He was making a point about Mr Chick, not about Islam.


Jesus spoke Aramaic.

The God of Abraham was called “Allaha” in Aramaic.

I wanna see a Tract where the smarmy evangelist witnesses at Jesus himself over his worship of a Canaanite Moon-God.

Loads of good scholarship at Chick Publications.


More dismayed than offended, really.


I guess I should have used a winky. I thought it was obvious from the tone of the rest of my post that I was being sarcastic. This line from my post basically sums up how I feel about the whole tract, and about Jack Chick in general:

I was making a joke about the relatively low amount of over-the-top fanatacism as compared to some of his other tracts. Of course I don’t believe that Islam was responsible for 9/11. I was expressing some surprise that Chick didn’t try to make a case for it. (actually, he did, just not as overtly as I would normally expect)

I just came across a page refuting Morey’s assertions regarding my moon-god.

Nicely done, I think.


The hate and narrow mindedness in these Chick tracts makes my skin crawl.

What is wrong with calling the Deity Allah or Buddah or Jehovah or Yahweh? For a small group of people to think they have the inside (and only correct) track on the Deities is arrogant at best and nastily intolerant at worst.

In 2 hours and 5 minutes, Bob changed a man’s entire life course. Surely this is a man to be reckoned with. I wonder if he has ever come to the SDMB? Well, I guess not. Because if he had, there would be no atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Bhuddists, Zoroastrians, or any form of Christianity other than his…

I also appreciate his admonition to read the Bible (KJV)…

Why only the King James Bible? What if I don’t read and speak English? It’s hard enough to grasp some of the meaning in Olde English for an English speaking person. How about all the Spaniards and Koreans?

Oh yes, I forgot… With God’s power, anything is possible. Oh Lord, please forgive me for posting in vain.

(funny… there were no oral sex image inuendos in this tract…)

And with it…? :wink:

Well, with it, they’re amusing religious drivel…

Intresting where Omar is saying that the guys beating him up were also Christians. (Assuming Omar actually knew that somehow, from the tract, they could just as well have been any religion or none).

All Bob has to say is that “they aren’t real Christians”.

I guess when they invited Jesus into their hearts, he declined.

A boil on his already existing black-eye on his reputation.