New children's math storybook: eBook "LC4A and the Big Test"

This is my first picture book —it was quite a learning experience. I have two degrees in Mathematics Education, so the math portion is solid; I hope that readers will like the story and illustrations, too. The theme: finding clues in a word problem (! ! !) that will tell you what operation to use. The non-routine problems are based on the US second grade curriculum, but because they’re non-routine, they may challenge kids at a range of math knowledge.

It’s 99 cents (or equivalent in other currencies) for at least a couple of weeks.

Here’s an illustration from the book (since Amazon’s Look Inside feature doesn’t show much of books with large file sizes)…:

Again, 99 cents is the introductory price. I don’t think eBooks should cost as much as regular books, so at most I’d raise it to $2.99, I think—but 99 cents is obviously more attractive!..:slight_smile:

You know you’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad when you read the title of this thread as, New children’s meth

Heh. :smiley: I’m definitely one of those who watched too much Breaking Bad. In fact, while watching the marathon, I was wondering why they don’t devote a cable channel (out of the thousands) to 24/7 BB.

But anyway: my book is the Blue Meth of children’s math books!!! (Not literally, you understand. :cool: )

A general note: if anyone’s curious to look at the book but doesn’t want to buy a Kindle, on the Amazon site (best place to get it) is a free download of Kindle for Mac or Kindle for PC. It’s a nice app to have as there are abundant free reference books and such that can be accessed at a touch.

Now available: a companion book (set in the same alien universe) that’s for younger kids. This is a counting book (zero to ten) written in rhyming verse:

A sample picture, in which the protagonist (a young alien creature called a zilk-zork) counts the number of Eye-fish:

It’s 99 cents at:

I’ve made a new cover for the first book described in this thread. The original cover reflected my belief that the cover should tell the reader that this story was set in a classroom on an alien world; but now it seems overly crowded (and emotionless). I’m hoping that this new one will be more attractive:

I’m always grateful for feedback and advice, on this as on all other aspects of the books. :slight_smile:

I like the new cover a lot better. The old one seemed crowded and confusing.

Thanks–in hindsight, I can see that the first cover wasn’t ideal. It’s all kind of a learning experience (and I’m glad to get the input). :slight_smile:

Yeah the new cover makes it obvious what the book is about. The old one took a few seconds to figure it out while this new one makes it obvious instantly. I also think the new one will help it sell better.

Good job and good luck.

ETA: I just looked at it on Amazon and it looks really good.

Thanks! You warmed the cockles of my heart. (!)

One annoying thing about doing something like uploading a new cover: When a picture book is first placed on Amazon, the “Look Inside” preview feature shows only the cover, rights page, dedication, and Table of Contents (Amazon really encourages a TOC for ebooks as that’s a way to navigate a document that has no page numbers.) At least this is the case for ‘no-name’ authors such as myself.

After a few weeks, though, they helpfully expand the Look Inside so that it’s possible to see a few actual pages of the story.

But the revision of any element of the book (in this case, the new cover) sends the Look Inside back to the teensy version that ends before the book-proper really starts. :frowning:

All part of the Wild Wild West uncertainty of online publishing…

thank you very much for your review.