New co-moderator in Great Debates!!

I’m pleased to announce that Gaudere will now be working for us in Great Debates, alongside DavidB.

Usually I’d wait for Ed to make this grand announcement, but we want to put her to work right away.

We’re fortunate to have her as one of our laborers in the Straight Dope vineyard and I hope you all give her every consideration. I’ll be really upset if you run her off, so let your conscience and your natural feelings of self-preservation be your guide.

Welcome, Gaudere!!!

your humble TubaDiva
The Straight Dope

Since this is a GD thread, I hope I don’t have to espouse a contrary position!

Welcome, Gaudere! Congratulations; it’s well-deserved.

  • Rick

Welcome Gaudere.

Does this mean that David is being pushed UP, or out? Is this a new movement towards dual moderation on all boards?

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[…doing flips…]

It is the, um, perfect appointment. Congrats from Lib and Edlyn!

Excellent choice.

If Phaedrus finds out about this appointment…

Never mind. Let’s think happy thoughts. :slight_smile:

Will I be accorded special treatment for being nice to the new moderator? :slight_smile:

I don’t have to do drugs to mess up my head. I went to Catholic school.

Congrats! Now you get to be harrassed by the crazies too. What resigning already?

Hey, Gaudere! Check out the BBQ Pit!


Thank you all. David will still be around; we’ll just be sharing duties. They are getting some more mods in on the boards, but I don’t know where or when (or who). You won’t get special treatment, Wally, but if you don’t flame or post spam or put non-GD topics in GD you will fill my heart with joy and have my eternal gratitude. I hope that will satisfy you. :wink:

Lib, as long as you put it in the proper forum (and you did), it’s cool by me. :smiley:

Gaudere, give David B. a hug for me!

Orangie, we’re co-moderating, not co-habitating. He lives quite a ways away from me–too far away to hug. :wink:

Of course, your spirits can hug. [demure smile]

Um, shouldn’t this be in About This Message Board, or MPSIMS? It’s certainly not a Great Debate. Geez, the new moderator needs to be getting on the stick. . .

(runs and hides)

Dr. J

PS: Welcome!

What, you want a great debate? Okay –

Gaudere is NOT co-moderating Great Debates, so there!

(While various people load up there ammo, I will offer my congratulations and best wishes to Gaudere. :slight_smile: )


Fiat Justitia





Fiat Justitia

friend gaudere:

congratulations on your new position. i am sure you will do a wonderful job!

“don’t get strung out by the way that i look, don’t judge a book by it’s cover” (tim curry as dr. franknfurter in rhps)

Congratulations Gaudere…I know you’ll do a great job

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Ah. Please allow me to be the 16th (unless another post squeeks in while I’m typing this) to offer my congradulations and/or condolences, as appropriate!

peas on earth

Congratulations Gaudere!

Now, I really have to make sure I’m spelling your name right…drat.

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There is no such person as Gaudere. The existence of Gaudere is only a myth perpetrated by those who choose to believe in the written word of Man and accept her existence on faith alone. Since I can see no physical manifestation of a being known as Gaudere, she must not truly exist. Anyone who believes otherwise without some form of absolute proof must be morons.

Can Gaudere part the seas, set a bush on fire without it being consumed by the flames, inscribe her laws into stone tablets from the top of a mount? HA! Any evidence you see of her so-called powers, such as locking threads or admonishing posters who violate the rules of Straight Dopedom are to be considered coincidences only.

Non-believers must unite to educate the masses who blindly follow such baseless claims!

:slight_smile: Hehehe - just kidding, of course. Had to try to make this thread qualify for the GD forum in which it’s posted.

Congratulations, Gaudere. And good luck in your new position. I don’t envy you your task in the least! :smiley:

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