New Comics: 01/05/05

New Avengers #2: I don’t want to get on the “Bash Bendis” dogpile, but… Did he ever actually read the Foolkiller LS? Or is he unaware that Kurt Gerhardt and Greg Salinger are two separate individuals?

Granted, I haven’t seen a story featuring Kurt Gerhardt in about 12 years and a lot of stuff could have happened in the interim to (a) land him in a prison for super-powered criminals and (b) make him hate Spider-Man, but if he doesn’t know who this character is, why use him?

Has Gerhardt appeared since the Foolkiller LS? Is Bendis referencing a story I maybe missed?

Some stuff I don’t get (unless Bendis just screwed up, in which case I do get it):

Since when can the non-ultimate version of Carnage drain people’s energy or whatever the hell he was doing?

Why was Spider-man so incredibly slow to react to the swarm of villains? He should have been much faster than them, and his Spider-sense should have warned him of the danger a lot sooner. It’s not as if he was in no danger until he looked in the hole. And if he can lift 10 tons, whereas Captain America has peak human strength, why the hell did Spidey need Cap’s help to break free of the throng?

Also, what the hell is with calling Nefaria a “power siphon”? I thought he had the powers of Living Lazer, Whirlwind, and Power Man times 100. And he can absorb ionic energy or something, right? Maybe he was supposed to be "siphoning Spidey’s powers (which might explain why he turned into such a wuss), but that doesn’t make sense, because Spidey doesn’t use ionic energy (unlike, say, Wonder Man).

Wow, I don’t normally get that many “why the hells” and “what the hells” into one post. :smiley:

Here’s a cite on Nefaria’s powers.

I was just amused at the Ultimate X-Men reference to their universe’s version of Ken Jennings. It was, appropriately enough… (try to guess first)

Doug Ramsey.

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I loved New Avengers #2. The art was excellent (though the artists needs to decide if Luke Cage has facial hair or not) and the set-up for the story arc looks great.

Nefaria has been doing the “ionic” energy thing now for a while. He went into more detail about in Iron Man Annual 1999. I enjoyed the Spidey fight and I guess I can accept that Jigsaw can do what he did given Spidey’s fight with Nefaria.

The Sentry is just amazing. What a move! This guy is bascially pre-crisis Superman with magical and physchic abilities. I loved the original Sentry series so I am interested to see how Bendis weaves him into the Avengers.

Overall I am starting to enjoy this series.

But I reiterate: Spidey doesn’t use “ionic energy.” So Nefaria shouldn’t have been able to drain his power, if that’s indeed what happened.

That is a good point. Would it be safe to say though that Nefaria drained iconic energy from some of the other super-villians down in the pit? Perhaps some of them had enough iconic energy to allow him to escape?

What the Sentry did though just made the entire issue for me. He is one bad-arse (until Bendis neuters him).