What's the current status of Venom & Carnage?

I haven’t picked up a Spider-man comic since the end of the Clone Saga, but I did like Venom & Carnage. What’s happened to them lately?

No idea – I know they were overused throughout the '90s, so the current writers don’t bring them out too often – but Venom is going to be one of the villains in the Spider-Man 3 movie.

I’m looking to be amazed by Topher Grace. I just can’t see him pulling off Eddie Brock, much less Venom.

In New Avengers, Carnage + Sentry = Sentry.

Sentry, an amnesiac hero (short story version, long version is way to long to get into here) grabbed Carnage in the middle of a massive supervillain prison break, flew him up into orbit, and ripped Carnage in half, much to the delight of people who wished the 90’s hadn’t happened.)

Venom is apparently still kicking around, but is not as popular as he once was. He is still a bad guy and no longer knows Spider-man’s secret ID though.

Cool. What issue was that in?

Somewhere in New Avengers #1-3. There’s almost definitely a TPB collecting it by now.

It seems to me that they are pulling the origin of Venom from the Ultimates story line. That makes Brock closer to Peters age and much less buff. He also has a soul patch.

[spoiler] Turns out that Peters father and Eddie Brocks father worked together on a suit that would heal the body of what ailed it. They were getting funding from a shady corporation that wanted to turn it into a weapon. They balked at the idea and boom goes the airplane that they are flying on. Sometime later Petey is waxing nostaligic over his parents and finds a film of he and Eddie. He makes contact with Eddie and gives him the video, so Eddie gives him the special inky black liquid suit (named the Venom suit. Doesn’t that just scream “healing”) for tradesies. Parker tries it on and in about five minutes decides that it’s wicked bad, so he spasms through some power lines to get it off, destroying the suit in the process. He goes to destroy the rest of the sample and finds Eddie there. He reveals that he is Spider Man and takes the sample away to destroy it. Eddie, upset over Parkers destruction of their heritage and over Parkers super powers, takes the other bottle of Venom suit out of the other locker and tries it on. Unfortunately it was made using Parker DNA. Now Brock has to drain the life force out of the living or die himself. The suit also wants to find Pete to get at his tasty Parker DNA.

Did I mention that college age Brock tried to bang the much younger Gwen Stacy? He did. This “Ultimate” Eddie Brock is less of a psycho and more of a skeevy jerk.

Gone are the Spider themed powers. Instead he has super strength, enhanced durability, the ability to throw out tendrils of suit for to strike with, and the ability to drain the life out of people. Also gone is the invisibilty to the spider sense. Now he triggers an overreaction of the sense, which causes Spider Man pain and prevents him from sensing any other dangerous thingies.[/spoiler]Overall, it felt like the origin was rushed simply to get at the Venom character. Hopefully Raimi and crew can make something decent out of it.

I’ll be happy to hear Venom say, “I want to eat your brain!”

Hee hee hee, I used to have that action figure!

I’ve got a couple in a box somewhere, but the batteries are dead.

Did you know that was banned at one time?

New Avengers 2. One fo the more heart-warming moments of the series.