New Concepts for Law and Order Spinoffs

So I’m sitting on the couch, enjoying a rare night of freedom. I flip to TNT, which is showing its nightly Law and Order marathon. It occurs to me that I’d seen both episodes at least twice already.

Airman and I came up with some fresh new concepts for spinoffs:

[li]Law and Order: Parking Enforcement[/li][li]Law and Order: Mattress Tag Squad[/li][li]Law and Order: Vandalism Detail[/li][li]Law and Order: Global Warming Division[/li][/ul]

And so forth. We came up with a lot more, but we’ll leave some for y’all.

Any great, creative new ideas for spinoffs?


I’m waiting for the inevitable Law and Order: CSI.

Law and Order: OLBS

(Overdue Library Book Squad)


Law & Order: Failure to Rewind Rental Tapes Before Returning Them Squad

(from my son)

Law and Order : Criminals who give Indian Burns

Not quite as fresh as the others. :smiley:

Yay! Nobody else has posted:

Law & Order: Elevator Inspector Unit

yet! Go Family Guy!

Law & Order: SDMB

Law and Order: Bureau of Weights and Measures

Law & Order: SMBD

Law & Order: SNAFU

And for all the hockey fans out there, and in light of the 13 suspensions this month alone…

Law & Order: NHL

Of course, then you get…

Law & Order: NHLPA

And both series get cancelled!

Law & Order: BDSM

At least one of you guys wasn’t paying attention.

Law & Order: NCAA

Law & Order: NAACP

Law & Order: AD&D

Law & Order: BPRD

Law & Order: CHUD

Law & Order: The Far Side

Law & Order: The Far Side of the World

Law & Order: Gojira

Law & Order: LOTR

Law & Order: The Old Testament

Law & Order: STD

Law & Order: UFO

Law & Order: Anyhoo…

Law & Order: CCCP

In Russia, offenders prosecute you!

Law & Order: LOTR

Gollum: Hobbitses stole my precious!
Logan: Sure they did. Why don’t you tell us all about it tomorrow, after you’ve slept it off?
Gollum: gollum gollum
Briscoe: Sounds like my ex-wife.

On preview, I see TOTBP beat me to LotR. In revenge I offer:

Law & Order: TOTBP


Thanks! How about…

Law & Order: Miller Time!

Law & Order: 867-5309

Law & Order: AEIOU(Y)

Law & Order: Cops!

Law & Order: Doughnuts

Law & Order: MILF

Law & Order: Mr. T

Law & Order: The Passion

Law & Order: SCUBA

Law & Order: Scooby

Law & Order: Smurfs

Law & Order: The Musical (aka Law & Order: Cop Rock)

Law & Order: Anyhoo…

Law and Order: Hall Monitor

I wrote a piece about a time-travelling version of Law and Order SVU

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Law & Order: WalMart Security*