New Danger at the Border

Alien venomous sea snakes, intent on doing us harm, are crossing into California. What can be done about this? These serpents have no right to our vermin, much less our ankles.

I am as open-minded as the next guy, but I think we should immediately stop allowing any reptiles at all into this country until we can find out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!

We’re being attacked by venomous snakes? I say we build a snake-proof fence and make Australia pay for it.

These snakes are deadly. They have venom coming out of their eyes. They have venom coming out of their wherever.

I have had it with these motherfucking snakes in this motherfucking ocean!

I don’t see a problem.

As long as they have the proper papers, and pass the security check.

As long as they don’t pledge allegiance to ISISsssssss…

As usual, California is on the leading edge—they have earthquakes, forest fires, mud slides, etc., etc. while we here in Florida have to settle for insane and evil Republican politicians, muddled old folks, alligators and the occasional hurricane. I wish we had some poisonous sea snakes; maybe they would bite a few of our politicians but sea snakes are probably too smart for that.

You win the internet today…:cool:

Snakes do not bite politicians for the same reason sharks don’t bite lawyers…Professional Courtesy.

Donald Trump is aware of the danger of snake attacks. That’s why he always carries that mongoose on top of his head.

This is not a crisis. Just sic the African killer bees on the sea snakes.

And then when wintertime rolls around, the bees simply freeze to death.

Can you put frickin lasers on their heads?

The bees or the snakes?

Maybe we can train sharks to eat the snake-stuffed bees? After they shoot them down with the lasers?

And again two days later :slight_smile: