New Deal Democrat and his views on race

In a recent thread, I was admonished that I shouldn’t say anything that implied that what another poster wrote might be indicative of racism. With that in mind, I will simply offer these quotes from New Deal Democrat without comment and let people form their own conclusions.

Everywhere in the world they live blacks have considerably higher rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites and Orientals. This has always been true. I think this is due to “irreducible moral failings” that are caused genetically.

There is a very strong correlation between race and violent crime. There is no country with a higher black population than the United States with a lower rate of murder and rape.

I live in a city with a large black population. Because it has a large black population, it has a high crime rate. Nevertheless, hardly any blacks are on the police force. Few can pass the mental aptitude test. The way to get value out of those people is through prison labor. There must be work that is too painful and dangerous for free labor to perform.

Blacks turn every neighborhood they move to into an asphalt jungle of crime and moral depravity.

The average IQ of blacks in Africa is 70. 70 is where mental retardation begins. Inherent gloominess about the prospect of Africa is rational.

Different racial groups differ as much and in the same way as sub species of various animal species, and different breeds of domestic animals. The average IQ for a black person in the United States is 85. The average for a white is 100. The average for an East Asian is 106. When whites adopt black babies, most of them have IQs below 100. When they adopt East Asians, most of them have IQs above 100. Head Start has been a failure. Also, blacks in the United States have a crime rate that is about eight times the white crime rate. The crime rate for East Asians is about 75 percent the white crime rate. I have lived with poor Vietnamese war refugees, and blacks. There is a difference, believe me. I believe that difference is biological.

Blacks have a murder rate that is over seven times the white rate. Even when they live in upper middle class neighborhoods, and attend good schools they tend to do less well than whites. Whites respond negatively to blacks we do not know because we accurately associate they with crime and low intelligence.

There does not have to be a one to one correlation between black population and crime, but there is a correlation.

What I have read is that the average IQ for black Africans is 70, while the average for black Americans is 85, and the average for whites is 100.

Until there are no sanctions whatsoever against investigating and publishing biological reasons for racial differences in crime and intelligence it cannot be said that liberals are more respectful of facts and reason than conservatives.

I believe that whites, and especially white blue collar workers, have legitimate concerns about black crime, and about what happens to white working class neighborhoods and public schools when blacks move in.

If the black population in a student body goes from 5 percent to 85 percent we can expect a decline in average performance.

What I predict is that fifty years from now blacks will still have low average IQs and high rates of crime and illegitimacy, and that people like you will still be blaming white racism, even though genes for intelligence and crime will have been discovered, and it will have been discovered that they are unevenly distribute among the races.

Although the average IQ for a black person is 85, and the average for a white person is 100, some blacks are more intelligent than some whites. Many blacks are capable of learning skilled trades. An extremely small minority can learn one of the professions, although when affirmative action comes to an end the number of black professionals will decline fairly significantly.

Not subhuman, just less intelligent on the average.

Why are the Japanese not rioting because of the tsunami? If Japan had a large black population no one would be safe from those blacks.

That experiment happens whenever blacks take over a neighborhood along with the schools. Whenever that happens academic performance in those schools takes a nose dive. Washington, DC has the third most expensive school system in the country, and scores below all of the states in academic performance. The reason is that 85 percent of the school body is black.

If you randomly put black children in those private schools most will do poorly and many will be discipline problems.

I have been the victim of several black criminals, as have relatives, and friends. Some of those friends are black. I am sure that white muggers exist, but I have never heard of one. Blacks do have a rate of violent crime that is over seven times the white crime rate. It bothers me that we cannot discuss this unless we pretend that is somehow the fault of “white racism.”

The average IQ of Negroes in Africa has been estimated at 70. That is a mental age of eleven. People at that level are perpetual children who require adult supervision.

Anyone who is not delusional knows that blacks have a much higher crime rate than whites or Orientals.

Blacks are not hated because they are inferior but because they are dangerous.

Most blacks need to be lead by the equivalent of kindly plantations owners who treat them like irresponsible children from whom little should be expected, and much forgiven.

Wow. Some of those are worthy of a Ron Paul newsletter. I’m anxious to see his response.

I’d rather hear Louis Farrakhan’s response.

Pssst, just a hint, NDD, but those black friends you think you have probably think you’re a cunt.

Have your stats accounted for differences in wealth? In other words, surely lower income, wealth, etc must be correlated with disproportionally greater poverty, crime, lower intelligence, and other unfortunate side effects. And it’s pretty unarguable that blacks suffer (bring upon themselves?) those conditions greater than whites, proportionally-speaking.

If so, it seems pretty open and shut. If not, well…

Quite the resume he’s got there, ain’t it? He ever been Pitted before?

I like his use of anachronistic terms like “Oriental” and “Negro”. I guess by “New Deal” he means that he’s still living in the 1940s.

West Africa has some of the lowest homicide rates in the world. So he’s factually wrong, as well as racist.

Although I am quite sure he is not racist because some of his friends are black.

Wow. I knew the two Ch-- posters were flaming racist idiots, but this guy flew under my radar.


Even beside the more-common stuff about IQ and crime rates, the blacks belong on chain gangs material is pretty outrageous.

But, hey–we have the identity of Ariovistussecret admirer.

I guess it is somewhat impressive he’s managed to pull off such a racist attitude for over half a year under the radar.

He doesn’t object to the label.

Painfully racist.

And stupid to boot.

I presume the handle is intended as a subtle smear job, akin to Fox News “mistakenly” identifying the Republican glory hole aficionado / felony indictment du jour as a “Democrat”?

Yeah, somehow I’m picturing HP Lovecraft writing posts from the thirties.

I’m probably one of the few regular posters on this MB who is utterly unfamiliar with him as an author.

Flipping though his posts, he appears to be a pretty by the numbers Democrat outside of the racial stuff. I imagine he wants the party to go back to is pre-war state where it was focused on economic issues and fairly pro-segregation.

I don’t see anything even close to racism.

You’ve got to be kidding me[

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