New Diplomacy Game! Recruitment and side talk thread

Thanks to Panther Modern I now have a new reason not to work. I’m hooked on Diplomacy. The game Panther started is winding down now, with a victory for Russia. It was a good game, and mostly civil.

I’ve started a new game: Doplomacy II. Same setup as before – two day turns, anonymous players. You can join here: The password is SDMB.

Have fun!


Took me a minute to get the “Doplomacy” joke…alas.

I’ve just joined - this will be my first game…

On second thoughts - I’m going on holiday in a few weeks and won’t be online. I have therefore unjoined.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

It appears that the site does reveal who played in game at its conclusion, so while it’s fine to rely on anonymity to lure the unsuspecting into unwise pacts, don’t say anything to another player that you don’t want to eventually make it back here.

We’ll see you in Dope-lomacy III, Fiendish.

It’s Diplomacy. If you’re not assuming that 75% of what is being said is a lie, you’re doing it wrong.


Well, lies and betrayal aren’t the problem, but I believe that someone told England to violate himself in our last game, perhaps not realizing that they would be unmasked in the postgame.

Yeah, I didn’t realize our identities would be revealed. I wasn’t too much of an ass, but I may be a little more thoughtful this time.

We have four players signed up. Three more and it’s a go!

We have about a day left to get three more players. Come on, Dopers!

Four players = the winner and three survivors of the previous game?

Nah, I’m in, too.

I’ve taken the liberty of sending a PM directly to some of the Dopers that expressed interest in the old thread, in hopes that we’ll fill up the remaining slots.

Thanks for the PM. Unfortunately, I’m travelling a ton in 4th quarter and I’m afraid even a two day check in may be difficult for me. What are the odd of this game only lasting a month?

Well, the first game lasted about 5 weeks. Kinda depends on how quick folks are with the “Ready” button, especially on retreat and build phases.

Well, i may randomly disappear at the end of the game but that seems close enough it may work. I’ll jump in.

Great! There’s a mechanism on the website by which one player may replace another, but hopefully it won’t come to that. Maybe you’ll draw Austria or Germany and be eliminated early. :smiley:

I won’t be playing, but thanks for the invite. I just don’t have the spare brainpower for Diplomacy right now.

Oh, come on. I don’t have the brainpower for it in the best circumstances, and yet here I am. :slight_smile:

Thirteen hours before this game expires. Just need two more players! We can do it!

We’re up to six players, with just under nine hours to go. Who will be the last one into the fray?