New Discoveries in Evolution! Kirk Cameron Believed to be in Seclusion

First of, let me just say that from now on anytime I post something dealing with evolution, I’m going to make sure that I mention Kirk Cameron as many times as I possibly can. Reason being that Kirk Cameron is a devout [del]whackjob[/del] who doesn’t believe in evolution (one has to wonder how Kirk Cameron feels about antibiotic resistant bacteria then) and the more times I mention Kirk Cameron’s name, the more likely that someone googling Kirk Cameron’s name is going to stumble across the facts about evolution and not Kirk Cameron’s [del]sheer stupidity wrapped in a dirty nutsack of lunacy[/del] belief structure.

Samoan butterflies seen to evolve.

Next, as any transplanted Yankee will tell you, evolution prefers the cold.

That’s really cool to read. And also, Kirk Cameron.


Kirk Cameron would probably say that this is Divine Intervention.

God likes Butterflies.

I suspect you’re just a bit hasty in your excitement.

While the Samoan butterfly is clearly an example of microevolutionary activity, (and I don’t recall whether Cameron is an advocate of the micro- / macro- dichotomy or if he is simply in denial of all evolutionary activity), one butterfly species did not turn into a different butterfly species, much less turning into a bird, so it is not going to impress the people who deny evolution at the level of species.

(Cameron, of course, consistently presents himself as even more stupid than his character on that old sit-com, so laughing at him is fair game, but the idea that you are going to lure people in to demonstrate how dumb he is will hardly be advanced by the stories linked in the OP.

I suppose we could discuss whether he would make a worse scientist or a worse actor.)

Right. Until a butterfly is observed to evolve into a sparrow or a crocoduck or a banana Ol’ Kirk will remain unconvinced.

I thought any mention of Kirk Cameron had to include an obligatory link to that bananas video…

I’ve ordered a large quantity of these butterflies on eBay, so that I can try fitting them into different things - in order to find out what they were designed for.

I thought any mention of that bananas video had to include a link to that bananas video…

Only the threads aren’t google-searchable, are they?

They were designed for gettin’ their wings yanked off. Seems pretty obvious to me, but I guess I’m just closer to God than you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, here it is. I claim no responsibility for any banana related nightmares this may induce in anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Nope, not that either. If that happens it’s a miracle of Gawd not evilution. Or a fake created by a conspiracy of the atheistic Satantic liberal scientific Illuminati. fnord

No, no. That’s “I’ll believe in evolution when a butterfly gives birth to a cat!”

Somewhat. They show up every now and then in google searches. I don’t know if anyone searching on “Kirk Cameron” will find this thread, and if they do, I doubt that they’ll have their mindset about Kirk Cameron changed, but it’s always fun to point and laugh at the idiots.

One can turn this particular nightmare into a laugh riot if one, when hearing the word “banana”, mentally changes it to “penis.”

I just found this comic on stumble a few days ago.

When **Tuckerfan ** called Kirk Cameron a whackjob, I think he meant wackjob, without the “h”. 'Cuz I think whackjob is what I paid two bucks for back in '76 when I was in the Army. (Hey, I was lonely and drunk, she was pretty, she needed cab fare …) Anyway, I’m sure Kirk Cameron wouldn’t do that because he probably thinks it’s sinful to touch his … er … banana in that way.

Hey, next time somebody starts a thread listing all the euphemisms for masturbation, somebody needs to throw in “peelin’ the banana.” Um … maybe not.

Oh, and:

Kirk Cameron. Just in case.

Well, I found they fit pretty well in a waffle iron.