New Doctor Who: Your Speculations. [No Spoilers]

Please no spoilers. If you have some and want to share please start a new thread. I personally don’t mind, as it gives me something to look forward to, but many people do not like them so let’s keep them happy.

The new series starts Saturday so there’s little time and I suspect this thread will be short.

Please share any speculations you have for the new show or ideas you would like to see.

Right now, where I’m at, they are showing the episode, “The Pandorica Opens” on BBC America. One of my favorites along with it’s follow-up. And it reminded me how I always wanted to see River and the Doctor married and I hope they don’t just drop that storyline.

So I would like to see more River Song. As she stated she and the Doctor are living reverse timelines. As she ages she runs into younger and younger Doctors. When we, and the Doctor, first meet her in the library she “dies”.

Now, we are getting a new Doctor so an older Doctor so I want to see more of her. I would like to see her and the Doctors’ romance and marriage and them flying around the universe together again. Peter could reasonably stay on for 2+ years and as of now I think Alex Kingston could still pull off playing a younger version of River. Like maybe a late 20’s early 30’s River. (Damn, I just looked her up and she’s 51 but I still think she could pull of the younger River)
Also I would like to see the Doctor interact with the TARDIS a bit more intimately like he did in “The Doctors’ Wife”. I don’t think I’d like to see her human again but now with an upgraded TARDIS maybe it has a mood ring or something like that.

So what are some things you would like to see in the new series?


[li]Daleks … :ballot_box_with_check:[/li][li]Cybermen … :ballot_box_with_check:[/li][li]Weeping Angels … :ballot_box_with_check:[/li][/ul]

Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll ever get away from the Daleks and The Cyberman, but as long as the writers come up with new and interesting twists and storylines I’m ok with that.

But to the Weeping Angels the writers just went stupid with the last time we saw them and they’re whole, “Every statue is an Angel, including the Statue of Liberty.” Just lame. Now if they retcon it and make them more mysterious and sinister again like in “Blink” I’d be ok with that.

But really I want new aliens. New things to fear and new ideas to ponder.

I am predicting — and hoping for — a complete break from the Smith era. Even Moffat was admitting in the press that the show was getting too choppy and needed to slow down and become more atmospheric. So I’m sure we’ll have a Daleks story, and maybe a Cybermen (though I don’t think the last one was too well received), but I don’t see the Angels coming back, nor River Song. I’m looking forward to new aliens, and for the Doctor to start toward his goal of recovering Gallifrey.

Bring back Sil! And no more Companion of Destiny stories, and no more The Doctor Soul Searches episodes. The Doctor vs Evil with a companion only there to wander off alone, that’s what we want. Also River Song to be eaten by the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, ideally offscreen and referred to only in passing.

I’d just be happy if they remember that the show is occasionally supposed to be FUN, and not unrelentingly grim and serious.

As long as the Abzorbaloff is never seen again, I’m happy.

I’m just going to leave this here…

Because last season didn’t have an episode called Dinosaurs on a Spaceship? :smiley:

I hope they bring back The Master, less mad because he understands now how he was manipulated, and more manipulative and devious.
With a goatee.

That was more painful than fun.

What are the chances of one season going by without an episode having a ‘power of love’ ending?

Also, can I please have that this go around?

I feel like the River Song story is mainly over now. We saw her birth, her death, and her “afterlife”, which seemed to come to an end in “The Name of the Doctor.” And the whole “reverse timelines” thing is definite. 11 jump around her timeline a lot.

With the Doctor getting older, instead of an older companion, how about a much younger one? I’m thinking of a character like Chloe Grace Moretz played against Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock (although I think she’s too old now). Some sophisticated teen or preteen with lots of computer savvy and street smarts might really confound an aging Doctor.

That was funny, especially Evil Pepperpot Science Man.

That would be fun.

I want to see lots more of the Potato One. He was funny.

This is my prediction. I think we may get more “Time Lord lore” than we’ve had in previous seasons.

I have this ‘back of the head’ not at all serious idea for a super being that goes around fixing leftover issues the Doctor leaves behind. One of them being showing up on that guy’s doorstep and turning Ms. Oral-Paving-Stone back to a real Human.

That was a creepy as all hell end to that episode.

Ace idea!

I’d like to see him get the actual character of Hazel Wassername.

I want a Doctor who regards humanity as being the primitive, pet-like species we really would be to an entity on the level of a Timelord (well, kinda, that show might not have lasted 50 years, although it has flirted with the notion in the past)

You could give her a baseball bat and plastic explosives.