New Dog!

Been a rough year as we had to put down our two beloved dogs due to health reasons. 12 and 13 years old. They had a great life.

This summer we erected a new 6’ fence that covers 3000 sq ft. (doggie door leads from our bedroom to the fenced in yard) We live on two acres, but there is no, no way to fence it all. Rocky Mountains don’t cha know.

Anywho, TODAY we rescued a new dog from Western Australian Shepard Rescue. He is just incredible. 1-1/2 - 2 years old, 50lbs. Aussie Shep, Border Collie and we think a bit of Spaniel mix. Black and white with black spots. Neutered, all shots and chipped.

On the 100 mile drive back to our house he just laid down in the back of the Outback and snoozed. Otherwise, quite high energy as you expect from such a dog. He is now just sleeping on a dog bed.

Gonna be busy. It’s just GREAT.

Pretty awesome but it would be nice to see the new Overlord.


Congratulations on your new buddy! What’s his name?

I’m pretty sure bragging about your dog or cat without supplying a picture is a warning offense.
Any reason for that breed?
Congratulations on the doggy

Pictures will be supplied. We are going to give him a bath tomorrow. Doubt he has ever had one.

As far as names…


Has been know as ‘Buddy’ but does not seem too attached to it. He barely responds to it. (He’s got the ‘sit’ command down though)

We thought about the name ‘Mayday’. He is a rescue after all. But no.

His name will be Jackson.

Tomorrow is more introduction to our 22 year old cat (Jackson seems to be sort of afraid of him, we are keeping them separated for now of course).

My Wife and I will be taking most of next week off as we introduce him to his new home.

Oh, as far as the pick for the breed. Our last two were Border Collie Pointer mixes. Very smart and active (My Wife is a runner [done full IronMans]) We like the size too. I’ve had a Lab, and a full collie. As my Wife and I are middle age, we want a dog we can pick up and carry if need be. So no 80lbs dogs. … But still be a DOG that someone may think twice about as far as protection (for itself and us, we are rural Rocky Mountain)

I’ve heard that it’s best to let pets get used to each other’s smell at first for a few days. Then let them see each other with a barrier in-between for a few more days. Like this:

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Us Border Collie owners just never learn, do we? Your lives, as you know them, are over. Again.




And a happy high paw five to the newest doper doggie!!! Welcome Jackson!!!

Concerning a name for a dog…

One of my good friends chose a very apt name for his pet pooch. The guy is a computer programmer, specializing in UNIX / Linux and as many of you know, there’s this text command to change the owner of a file. (All files have an ‘owner’)

So since he was getting a ‘second-hand’ dog, he called him CHOWNEY! How cool is that? (CHOWN being the change owner command)

Chowney lived a good life but has long since expired. Still, I think of him occasionally and consider that he had one of the best dog names I’ve ever heard. :slight_smile:


As I’ve been hearing, Photobucket is changing a bunch of stuff. That link should work.

Did not work for me. I’m still Jackson-less.

Worked for me but took a long time and is currently freezing my browser. Please switch to Imgur.

Nice doggy.

No picture; Says please upload some update or something, for me.

Those of us who can’t see it are getting this message.

I’m not getting it. I’m using Chrome and AdBlock if that matters.

I’ll try imgur later. Suppose I need to get away from photobucket.

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