New engagement ring, old engagement ring

My fiancé and I picked out my ring and ordered it from Gemvara. I didn’t want another diamond solitaire, so we picked out something different.

That brings me to my questions. I have a diamond solitaire set from my first marriage and I don’t know what to do with it. The diamond (.9 carat) was given to my late husband by my mother. It was hers, and her marriage ended in divorce. I don’t, and will never, have a child to give it to. I have a niece and nephews who are on my mom’s side of the family, and I could pass it down to one of them. Two of them are married and have young children of their own. The one who isn’t married just threw away his inheritance from my mom, so I am not thrilled about giving it to him.

I have thought about having a pendant made, but I doubt I will wear a plain diamond solitaire. Just yesterday, though, I remembered I have a large pearl pendant ( also from my mom) that I have never liked because of the setting. It occurred to me to have them made into a pendant together, wich I think I would wear.

So, here’s the questions: has anyone had an engagement ring from a happy marriage deconstructed? Did you regret it? What should I be considering about this?

I had my engagement ring from my first husband reset into a pair of earrings and a solitaire pendant necklace. Although the marriage didn’t end happily, I don’t have any regrets getting the stones reset. I think the pearl and diamond pendant could be beautiful.

About everyone I know who had a diamond ring from any previous relationship, happy or not, had the diamond reset into a pendant, and wore it 24/7! … I would most definitely take the diamond ring and the pearl pendant to a jeweler and have them worked into one piece, if you think you would wear it. And you should! Research some designs, I think that would be fun. Do it, do it! (since you have multiple nephews and a niece, how would you decide who to pass it on to? Giving a costly thing like that to just one would cause bad feelings in the others.)

Yep, I’d combine the pearl and the diamond and continue to take pleasure in the history of the beautiful diamond, enhance the meaning of the pearl by enhancing its beauty, and relinquish the ring from the former marriage in homage to the beginning of a new and promising marriage. All the best to you!

Would you not wear it because it would not be your style? I am sure you could take it to a jeweler and speak to them about how to best incorporate it into a new piece (that, I am sure, would involve you buying additional stones from them :slight_smile: ).

I know of a friend that had hers made into a pair of diamond earrings. Perhaps you could incorporate the pearl that way as well?

I have been married twice and engaged once before that. I wish I had kept my diamonds. I’d have a really interesting version of a journey necklace by now. :slight_smile:

The pendant idea sounds intriguing (I love the look of diamond solitaire pendants), but I also want to say that your new engagement ring is GORGEOUS! Wow!

This and this – what a lovely ring!