...new Flight of the Conchords sketch: Feel Inside (and stuff like that)


…filmed for the NZ version of the Red Nose Day and the Cure Kids Charity. Good to see the team back again!

I loved watching Bret & Jemaine trying (and failing) to keep straight faces at the answers from some of the kids. Thanks for posting.:smiley:

Hah! Loved the reference to Bret’s work on “The Muppets” (and Jemaine muttering about how it was “derivative”).

I’ll be in NZ next week. I’ll be happy to take any teeth you’ve collected for donation.

Rob the robbers is quite simply the most genius idea ever.

Hilarious and brilliant, as always. It was a sad day when the series ended. Good to see them again.

This really made my evening. It has been a while since I have been in New Zealand so when I heard “ya manis” it cracked me up. I didn’t realize how much I missed NZ slang.