Flight of the Conchords

The last three episodes have been top-notch. “Unnatural Love” and the ongoing Kiwi-Aussie rivalry has got me in stitches.

I took a very good look at the tenant directory at the entrance of Murray’s office building. The only busines you can see above “New Zealand Consulate” is an Asian massage parlor. We all know what that means (rub and tug). The other businesses in the building seem to be services like pest control. That’s some serious insight into all the people in business suits you see on the elevator. Where were all those Australian diplomats going? Hmmmm?

The Aussie episode was fantastic. I thought I told you to shutuuuuup…

“If you marry an Aussie your children will be aberrations!”

“It’s pronounced ‘Aborigines’…”

“It shouldn’t matter where you’re from when love’s involved. It’s like that movie, Interracial Hole Stretchers 2. She was white, they were black, but it didn’t matter in the end, did it? Because they were in love.”

“By the way, Jemaine - my name is BrahBrah. B-R-A-H-B-R-A-H.”

I thought we had a few more episodes to go. The ending came to soon!

so that’s it right? There’s no season 3 upcoming?

I think I’ve heard in interviews that Bret and Jemaine have no plans for a third season.

Yeah, writing so much new material plus coming up with show ideas was way too much for them. At this point, they’ve said that season 2 would be it for them.

Anyone know when this season is going to be available on Itunes?