New Forum Idea: The Most

Great board. SDMB has helped me a lot and stimulated my mind.

I wonder if it might be time to open a new forum for all those threads that have a superlative in their title. I notice a lot of these lately, especially in Cafe Society. But this could also cover topics from other forums… the oldest, the wealthiest, the most evil, etc.

I feel those top-100 questions are a categorically different sort. People obviously like 'em, and that’s fine, but maybe they should have a home of their own. It would leave the other forums with only non-list threads… which (hunch) have a different audience.

I hope that makes sense… I guess it depends on whether I’m on to something… that this is not exactly the same as creating a new forum for every kind of thread that somebody doesn’t like as much.

I’ll shut up and leave y’all to do what you want with the idea.

Interesting idea, but I think those sorts of threads, like the “Ask the …” series, tend to come in waves. I can’t see it sustaining itself for too long. Besides, I don’t think they’re really that much of a clog-up.

Personally, I’d abandon all th’ threads that, by popular vote “somebody doesn’t like as much”, to a deserted island with a knife, some rope, a pet pig named Basil and only enough food rations to make it interesting. :slight_smile:

I’d say that they already have a home – IMHO. Almost all superlative threads will fall into the area of personal opinion, which belong in IMHO, unless they have to do with the arts, entertainment or food, in which case they fit in Cafe Society.

Interesting idea, but in my entirely unofficial view, those threads already have somewhere to live so a new forum would be unnecessary.