New Forum Suggestion

I suggest you add a forum dedicated to feminism, women’s health issues, et cetera. One in which you could enforce the new proposed rules about juvenile humor and (subjectively) misogynist responses without messing with the rest of the board. A ‘safe space’ for female members to talk about those issues without the drive-by jokes.

I think that would satisfy just about everyone, except the worst of the Offenderati who would see the whole world knuckle under to their priggishness. So, win-win.

Proposed names : “Girl Stuff”; “Women’s Issues”, “Ladies Auxiliary”, etc.


stop it.

First off, I asked people to hold off on new threads about this issue while the mods discuss how we’re handling it. (And I apologize for the delay, but we should post something this afternoon.) Second, if this is a joke it’s not a funny one, and if it’s a criticism it’s pretty bad. I’m closing this.