New Fox Show - Bones - 9-13

Did anyone else watch it? What did you think? I loved it and find it a really good new show that I intend to watch, but my son says I’m easily entertained. :slight_smile: Anyone else’s thoughts?

I’m surprised, I liked it much more than I thought I would. It’s going to take Boreanaz a loooong time to get out from under Angel’s shadow, but the show didn’t rely on him too much.

I like Bones (the character) a lot. I love her “I don’t understand that” schtick, and she fees like a real person to me - much more real than Rebecca on The Inside, who is very similar in terms of backstory and unemotionalness.

I liked the banter.

I liked the pacing - quick, but not too rushed.

I liked the sidekicks - witty and with potential, but not stealing focus.

I loved the set of her workroom. Doesn’t make logical sense (why put backlights in the inside of storage drawers containing skeletal remains?), but looked way cool.

The mystery itself was…meh. Didn’t care too much. But I cared about the characters, which is more important to me.

I’ll watch it again. Not sure if I’ll become a fan yet, but it earned another chance.

I thought it was pretty interesting myself. It doesn’t hurt that Emily Dechanel bears a very good resemblance to her sister, Zooey (ie, the HOT one) ;).

Thanks, WhyNot! Your points were right on - and since you put them so succinctly, now at least I can tell Teenagerwithanattitudewhothingsheknowseverything2U (yes his name has morphed) some salient points versus my “Well I liked it just 'cause!” :wink:

I’m hoping this show lasts - it, combined with House, make for a real nice Tuesday evening!!

Ok. One more time. And I even PREVIEWED!


He’d never forgive me if I got his name wrong.

Gotta disagree with you there. They’re both fine looking young ladies, but Emily is the smokin’ one! :smiley:

I give it a solid “Ehhh, it was ok”. I didn’t care for it nearly as much as I had hoped/thought I would, but it earned one more viewing. Hopefully, they’ll put a better story line in next week’s case.

I recognized one of the doctors from an episode of CSI, where he played a bagger caught in a grocery-store heist. I just couldn’t see him without thinking about the scene in that episode where he meekly explained to one of criminalists how he needed to change his pants because he wet them during all of the shooting.

Good episode, although I was disappointed that “Don’t Fear The Reaper,” which was played during the promos, will not be serving as the theme song.

I’ll watch it again, but it’s not on my “have to watch” list.

I liked it too, for the reasons WhyNot listed. And it looked good – there were some nice camera shots, more varied than the standard stuff.

We’ll know if it’s a popular success when everyone starts saying “I don’t know what that means.” :slight_smile:

I was saddened to find myself disappointed in this show. I really went into it wanting to love it like House and Angel, y’know? The writing seemed quite substandard to me (cite: “I can’t let you destroy evidence!” :rolleyes: ) And, while I know it’s important to properly introduce characters in the first episode, the writers just seemed to crap exposition in violent spasms.

The magic hologram projector thing suddenly showing live-action scenes of the murder made me dragon out cig smoke*. At least it wasn’t my beverage.

Characters were a bit too 2-D for me as well. What the heck was that I’m going to stand 2" away from you while I talk to you even though you’re holding a loaded weapon and up to this point there has been nary a hint of any romantic bond between us thing all about? To quote John Stewart, “Aawwwwwwkwarrrrd.”

I’m going to give it another shot, though. I really really want this to be a good show, and I’m investing my faith (or at least another 60 minutes of my time) in the production. If they can tighten up the writing, fix the effects, and work out the character chemistry, it could still end up in my TiVo list.

Dragon smoke: Rapid exhalation of cigarette, cigar, or other inhaled smoke, through the nostrils. Burns like fire.

“It’s like pornography, you’ll know it when you see it.” That line about sums it up. I couldn’t even finish watching the show, the writing was too unbearable.

I watched it, and I’ll watch to see if it goes rapidly up or down. Potential for both, sad to say.

I couldn’t accept the Museum of Modern Art they’re working in. What’s with the three-story-tall lucite bone fragment enclosure?

Boreanaz’s first shot was perfectly fine, shooting with somebody else’s gun at that range. In or near the heart.

Why the hell did they park so far from the crime scene? One of the standard perks of cops in TV shows is that they always get rock-star parking.

Hey, she’s got hips!

Since Kathy Reichs, the prototype for the lead, was apparently my bones teacher (I emailed her to make sure but now that she’s a Big Damn Prototype for a TV Character I’m not expecting a quick reply) I am required to like this show. However, if she’s the one, back then she was hotter than either of the Dechanel sisters. It was one class I had no trouble getting to.

I agree with all of the above (well, except for the dragon thing … I don’t smoke. And the TiVo part … I don’t have TiVo. But everything else is spot on!).

I also disliked the repeated use of “featured songs” (or whatever it’s called). It was ok when they played a song while she was assembling the skull (old hat, but ok), but then it happened twice more before the end of the episode. If your series must use “featured song moments,” there should only be one per episode!

It’s not supposed to be a museum of modern art, it’s supposed to be the Smithsonian (only they can’t say Smithsonian, so they made up “Jeffersonian”). I’ve been to back rooms in the Smithsonian where they keep old bones (I got to see a skull with a bullet hole, and one where you could see that someone had dug something out with a spoon): in reality they are old, cramped spaces, but I’m sure that the illuminated floor-to-ceiling case is exactly what they’d have if they had the money. Perfectly plausible to me, in a “TV budget” kind of way. :slight_smile:

Well, it was the middle of Arlington National Cemetary. Not much parking there. :wink:

Actors were fine (it was nice to see Boreanaz again). Ridiculous writing.

  1. Whose idea was that magical holographic projector? The cadaver-reconstruction software was both cool and believable; why not just show it on a regular monitor? If you want it could be a really big, cool-looking LCD, but why jerk the show out of believability by having holographic technology that doesn’t exist? (And their hot computer chick should note that it’s a “hologram”, not a “holograph”.)

  2. So she can’t be a scientist just because she’s always been fascinated with that particular field – she’s got to be working out a childhood trauma?

  3. I’m really tired of seeing what are supposed to be top-notch scientific teams composed of pretty young people.

  4. Scientific forensic evidence has been a key factor in convicting criminals for quite a while now. It’s a little hard to believe that FBI agents continuously discount and insult the scientists who provide them with important facts. Maybe I’m wrong; it just seems like a made-up conflict to me.

  5. Okay, this one’s a spoiler:When the stalker guy mentioned (as obviously as possible) that the senator’s aide was a tropical fish enthusiast, I assumed that one of the two main characters would immediately make the connection to diatomaceous earth, and that they’d quickly get a warrant to search his house. Since it was only halfway through the show, I thought maybe it was a red herring. But no – the brilliant, driven protagonist didn’t pick up on the blatantly obvious clue that was handed her. I kept waiting for it to happen, and it finally did – but not until the very end of the show. Is every episode going to involve the crimebusters being slower than the casual viewer?

Overall, the show was trying to hard to be quirky. The forensic team is a gaggle of stereotypes. Just sloppy writing.

I was going to correct Misnomer’s misspelling of “cemetery”; then I noticed that I had misspelled the word “too”. I have shamed my clan.

I liked it, but then I like most programs where science is the star of the show. Even if it’s just a little science, I find this stuff really, REALLY interesting. I was a little annoyed with the hologram thing though…I thought that was a bit too much of a liberty. (Maybe I should have been a mortician…I LOVE dead body stuff.)

Well, that’s been the standard for a long time… It doesn’t help that they seem to think that the casual viewer can’t figure anythnig out. We all got used to being treated like this in shows like Columbo, where we knew all along who did it, and the show was all about Columbo figuring it out. They had one episode at the end of the series where they didn’t show the murder at the beginning, and it was like they’d squared the circle or something.

I always spell that word incorrectly. :smack: Luckily, I don’t have cause to write it very often!