Apparently "Bones" is back. Do we care?

Sometimes I keep on watching programs that I’ve habitually watched even after I stop liking them. Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense.

Last night was a 2-hour Bones, which I couldn’t make myself watch, but I recorded it. I guess the first hour was the last episode of last season? And the second hour was a new episode that continued from it? I don’t even remember how last season ended.
I’m not sure why I’m posting this. Probably to put off bagging up the trash and taking it down to the road for pickup tomorrow.*

Is anyone else still watching Bones?

MODERATOR ADDS NOTE: The first many posts here are older, related to the 2012-2013 season. The season beginning in Sept 2013 is discussed at the end, beginning in Post #68 – CKDH.

They were both reruns.

Last episode has her fleeing DC, wanted for murder. Framed of course by some nutjob she helped put in prison. Previews for new season show her as a blonde on the run!

Then I’ll just delete without watching (again). The DirecTV info note said the first showing was yesterday.

I used to enjoy Bones, but thought last season was pretty lame.

I’ll watch this season, but it has to get way better for me to keep watching.

Lat season was AWFUL. Bones became even more rigid and robot-like. The baby thing did not add one bit. The show peaked a couple of years ago and went downhill.

I used to like to see what Cam was wearing, but last season she looked way too skinny… dangerously so.

Ok. Time to put out the trash…

It seems they’re going back to the same sort of arc as Gormagon, the Gravedigger, and so forth that they were doing in earlier seasons. This new guy has some potential; I’ll give it a few episodes to decide if I like it enough to stick with it.

BTW, the season premiere is September 17.

I have never been a big fan of the show - sometimes when little else is on I’ll watch it. As far as I am concerned, Angela is the best thing about the show, both the character and her actress.

Agreed. She does it for me.

How can Emily Deschanel possibly be Zooey’s sister?

I almost gave up on it last season, but my teenage son watches it and we always watched it together. I will give it another try this season, but I’m making no promises.

I gave up during season 4. The plots got worse and worse, the characters got stiffer and less likeable and yet the show focused more and more on them to the detriment of the actual mysteries. Finally I realized that the only character I actually liked was Zack, and that without him or decent mysteries the show was rather boring.

I love Booth, so I’ll try to stick it out, but last season was pretty terrible.

My wife occasionally watches this, but I find it impossible to take seriously – it’s like watching high school kids solve mysteries. (High school kids who talk like Wikipedia entries and work in a multi-million-dollar, state of the art facility, but still.)

Meh. It was good in the first season, when everything was more believable. I don’t see it sticking around for another season after this one.

Yeah, last season was pretty bad. If they don’t turn things around in a hurry, they’re done for. Then again, they’ve been on long enough they’re probably close to done for anyway. As of this season, Boreanaz will now have played Booth for as long as he played Angel, btw.

Why do I keep watching this crap?

Tonight’s episode was all over the place. Bones accused of murder. On the run with baby and her dad. Angela being all cranky because Cam expects her to work on other stuff besides cracking the code that will clear Bones, blahblahblah.

Angela screwed her extremely mobile face into ever new distortions as she stared at her transparent screen puzzling over, well: puzzles. Ryan O’Neal does not look well. He seemed to be pumped full of something.

The show has bottomed out IMHO.

I want murders that are solved using the team’s skills. With very little background. No family issues or babies or parents. Is that too much to ask?

I would love a spinoff with the two characters Dr. Clark Edison and Caroline “Cherie” Julian. Those are the only two I like on the show.

Bones as a blonde. Okay, I’m okay with that. More than okay. But she reverted. Oh, well.

Ryan O’Neal has been a poor actor for some time now, giving him so much screen time just doesn’t work.

The season premiere just drifted all over. Trying to put in too many changes, advances, etc. in one go. One of the interns of the week is now the new Bones, no he isn’t. What? Everything’s cleared up, no it isn’t.

I’m used to absurd computer usage and code breaking, but even that was so stupid and so wrong it makes the usual Hollywood stuff look scientific by comparison.

No car commercial embedded in the show this week? The only hint of product placement was someone using a computer in the cafe.

But worst of all was the “gotcha”:

[spoiler]So what if he had a fake name and was Egyptian? He’s still a murderer. He’s not going to be let go unless he had diplomatic immunity, which is impossible to get for some nobody living in the US for a long time under a fake name. The State Department wouldn’t have allowed it. No ex post facto on that.

And he had a grandfather who fought the Japanese in WWII. So, how does that relate to being an Egyptian?[/spoiler]

An episode by committee if there ever was one.

C’mon folks, I need more than a blond Bones to keep tuning in.

[spoiler] I agree. The entire twist was stupid. It wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Unless he was an accredited diplomat, and was properly registered as one or as the family member of one, it wouldn’t matter.


I don’t know why I still watch this show.

Its a show that I watch if it happens to be on when I’m flipping. Hasn’t happened in a while.

The only reason that the twist worked was the mole FBI agent - but this whole thing was so beyond stupid it wasn’t even worthy.

As I told SimWIfe - these writers cannot do ‘long arcs’ well - they need to keep it simpler - and fun - Zach should have been brought back to solve the problem.

And the big “off the grid” idea for Bones was staying in town and flower messages at the cemetary? really?