Pregnant Bones

I want it to go back to the way it was.
:frowning: Not liking the new vibe. All the extra relationship baloney. This may be the season I bail on Bones.

On the upside, I like Camille’s new hairstyle.

So this isn’t about calcium deficiency?

Or Star Trek fanfic?

I agree. I was so excited to watch, but it was a disappointment. The sexual tension was better than this blah. I’m normally all-forgiving when it comes to Bones, but I just wanted everyone to shut up with their damn platitudes.

Maybe I’m the oddball, but I’m liking how Bones and Booth are relating. And I think the new hairstyle is just awful. Different strokes, I guess.

Me too. It made me feel good. Y’all are sourpusses.

I just like sexual tension better than resolution. On TV anyway.

Triva question: did any TV show survive the resolution of sexual tension between principals?

I can think of a few that didn’t. Not saying Doing It was the main CoD, but something was lost.
Northern Exposure
Frasier (Niles & Daphne)

Not me. I’d rather not have the sexual tension in the first place. It seems forced and unrealistic. If people are going to become involved, they should just become involved and not wait five or six years to finally get into a relationship.

Early in the show I sent a text to my sister.

“Bones just officially jumped the shark”

Her response?

“Sure did.”

I would have much preferred to see them date, and wrestle with a relationship as opposed to this. The show has now where to go now, as frequently happens with relationship shows.

And on another front. If this was a drinking game and the word “remodeling” required a shot, thousands of viewers would be dead from alcohol poisoning. For God’s sakes, quit hitting us over the head with ‘cool’ medical lingo! That happens a lot on this show, with “phalanges” coming in a close second.

Yeah, but that doesn’t make for good drama, and Lord knows we’re not watching “Bones” for the science.

Personally, I think they should have gone one more season of tension- maybe had them get it on like they did last season, but then have one or the other of them get weird about it, and spend most of this season working it out.

Probably a little more real-world realistic than one passionate night, a pregnancy, and talk of moving in together in the span of what… 3-4 episodes?

One gratuitously stupid sexist comment.

On the bed in the last scene, just where did those massive cans come from!!! They are going to hurt someone!!

A span of TWO episodes, by my count. The last episode of last season and this one.

This is one of the things that bugs me the most. For years, Booth clearly had a thing for her and she was Miss Cool, pushing him away, all the while making it clear that she had a “healthy” sex life with multiple partners (those two things don’t go together in my world). They exchanged a few looks… that was all.

Then all of a sudden, they fall into bed one night, she gets pregnant, and…WHOOSH!… now they’re an old married couple? She said ILY to him half-heartedly last night. Big whoop. And her attributing feelings strictly to hormones? Very Bones-ish, but just yukky now.

Didn’t like the baby in the lab. Unprofessional and risky for everyone. Just lame.

It was better before anyone had kids, romances, or any family at all (thinkin’ of Bones’ dad). Just the ensemble, digging up partially decomposed bodies and doing their nasty, gross lab work.

I’ve only ever seen Bones via commercials during football games (and/or the World Series) and even I am tired of Pregnant Bones!

I don’t have a problem with Bones being knocked up, or even having a relationship with (and living with) Booth. My problem is how they went from zero to sixty with no intervening explanations. Last season, she was completely independent, even in her announcement that she was preggers. This this season opens up, and they are already getting cozy, with no explanation of the process.

But I vote thumbs up on Cam’s haircut.

This is an easy one to answer: Emily Deschanel got pregnant. Unless the producers and writers wanted her to stay behind the exam tables, they had to explain her swelling belly somehow. So they basically punted, had the two hop in the sack for a little comfort nookie, and BOOM! Instant baby! There just wasn’t time between the announcement of the real-world pregnancy and the end of the season to develop any kind of plot to explain how they got from there to here.

That said, I haven’t even seen the season premiere, so I’m willing to keep an open mind before I decide to bail. For all I know, future episodes will explain the backstory, and since the show is so fond of flashbacks for character development, I’m not going to rule it out.

I’m also withholding judgment on Cam’s haircut.

And that body! The full length shot of Cam standing to the left of the work table in those four-inch stilettos and that black & tan dress… holy crap.

Yes indeed. Tamara Taylor has it going on for sure.

I wish that instead of this they would’ve gone back to the plot from a few years ago (dropped after Booth’s brain tumor made him see Stewie) where Bones wanted Booth to donate sperm.

[I just watched it - we DVR it and catch it later when all of us are at home]

I agree. I don’t like the ‘instant relationship’ as it is now. I can see Booth being still in love with her, aftermath of his head injury. I realize that she has great affection for him, I can even see her knocking boots with him, I can’t see her all of a sudden in a relationship.

I could see them reopening the discussion on sperm donation, or her even deciding to get sperm from another scientist.

They could make it interesting by exploring how they’ve gone into instant family mode and still have to define and build their relationship. They could spend at least this season showing them making roommate mistakes, slowly start actually dating (while living together) and learning how to be a couple. It could work.

I still miss Zach. Sweets should’ve gotten him out of prison by now.