Bones. What has happened to you this season?

I caught up on this season of Bones this week, until now they’ve just been building up on my DVR.

I used to really like this show, what the heck happened to it? They wrapped up the entire grave digger plot in one craptacular episode involving a ghost.

I kept watching the episodes thinking they would get better, but the show has become a CSI knock-off with the characters playing parodies of their former selves. Why is the FBI even involved in what are apparently local murders?

I do like the Sweets character more. They’ve really found a role for him to play in the context of the show. I also like the revolving lab assistants. They are all much more entertaining in small doses. I wish they would have come up with some explanation of why the get switched out every week though.

Searching for Bones threads, I don’t see any for the last few airings of the show. I take it everyone has given up on it?

I didn’t know it aired the last few weeks. The show is alright though. The whole wedding breakup was stupid and so was the ghost episode. Bones has become a parody of herself too but Booth and Sweets are good characters.

I love the show. Yeah, the ghost one was kind of stupid. I had mix reactions about the last one.
The Science in the Physicist
Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top - Very Cool
The ending with Hodgins was very cool too.
The interaction between Hodgins and Vincent Nigel-Murray is freaking HILARIOUS!
I don’t care who you are, but two scientists needing adult supervision for them to be in the same room is funny. I’m laughing just thinking about it.
What I really hated (and maybe that was their point) was the over-the-top intellectual snobbery that went on during the episode. I’ve always laughed at Bones’ intellectual cluelessness, but this time I hated her for it.

Just thought I throw this out here…
From the synopsis for the season finale is: (as evidence that sometimes the show strays from the formula that makes it good)

The End in the Beginning
In the fourth season finale, a murdered body is discovered at a popular nightclub called “The Lab.” In a unique storytelling twist, the Jeffersonian team takes on unusual roles, including the nightclub staff and law enforcement.

I wonder if that was TX where Hodgins ended up. He’s got a long trip back.

They seemed very anti-Large Hadron Collider in the episode.

“I have an IQ of 162, so I know to ask for a lawyer now. Let me add one more thing though, I’m going to sleep 50 million times better tonight knowing she’s dead.” (not exact quote)

I think the shark has well and truly been jumped on the show

There’s a research facilty with a total staff of two men and two women who do little other than shag each other (in a strictly heterosexual way).

Hodges and Nigel McEnglishperson might want to be silly schoolboys, but there’s no way they’re going to fire a cannon into crash test dummy or do the nasty with a frozen chicken.

WTF was up with the silly singing in the earthquake thing? The correct answer is: retarded

Publish or die as a motive for murder? Hello, they were all working in a cosy private facility. No one was attempting to get tenure.

I don’t know, but apparently she was able to keep it up long enough for blind guy to echo-locate himself to the rescue.

The show has become pretty horrible. The schedule’s also all messed up. Next week there’s two new episodes, one on Wednesday, then one on Thursday. Then there’s another new one on the following Monday. WTF? At least, this is according to my DVR.

That was the worst episode of Bones ever, in my opinion. The ending just came up out of nowhere, like the writers looked at each other and said, “Oh, just toss a line in at the end to explain who did it.”

The only saving grace was Hodgins waking up out in the desert with a new tattoo.

Season 1 was okay, but much better in Season 2 when they stopped making Temperance do ridiculous things like fell a 200 pound man with a karate chop.

TVGuide (or something like that) insinuated that Bones and Brennan would “end up in bed” this season, but I’ve yet to see anything like that, even literally.

Shouldn’t Angela have had a giant bruise on her face after that turkey flew right into her? I know she said she was okay and everything, but dang! They could’ve even made Billy Gibbons mad at Hodgins over that instead of still being pissed about the wedding not happening after talking to Angela.

And what was with that little “recap” by Angela and Cam in the middle of the episode? “In case you missed the first half or got grossed out by the ear and covered your eyes, yadda yadda yadda” I don’t recall them doing these segments before. (And if the ear made you turn away, why are you watching Bones?!? That was pretty tame by this show’s standards)

D’uh. Bones is Brennan. You must mean Bones and Boothe.

Maybe it’s Bones on Bones hot lesbian clone incest action? Please?