New from Mattel - Wicca Secret Spell Barbie!

God I love eBay

Wicca Secret Spell Barbie

Not to hijack, but eBay is great! If anyone needs a manager…

For all your managerial needs…


That’s right up there with the “creepy”, haunted box.

I don’t know about you, but I would never put a Barbie doll on my altar.

I saw this Barbie advertised on Nickelodeon. I’m getting them for my three nieced and my little girl.

The fundies are going to go NUTS over this one! I want one!

WhenI saw these dolls at Target, the first thing I thought:

“Huh. Wonder when the Harry Potter are going to sue?”

Oooo I want one of these too! I also wish I had had the money to pick up a Peter Rabbit Barbie… do they still sell those?

I saw an ad for this on TV, and and immediately thought of the fundies hating this. For some reason, this give off more of a “pagan” vibe to me than Harry Potter. Is it because it’s women, the traditional pot-stirrers of witchy legends?

I have GOT to have this Barbie!!!

Oh yes, Guin, I can imagine.
My church doesn’t seem to be fundie though, so I dunno, but will try and get some opinions from fundies that i know.
Its evil!

I want the whole set!

I called Wal*Mart here and the chick in Toys sounded like she thought I was crazy when I asked about those. Stupid Bible Belt

She turned Ken into a newt!

[sub]He got better.[/sub]

Hm. When I was looking at the flyers the other day, one of the stores were advertising them as “Charms Barbie” instead of “Wicca Secret Spell Barbie”, the charms part made it seem like it was a Barbie and beads and charm bracelets than a wiccan barbie.

I want the Kayla doll. She’s the prettiest, and I used to have a Kayla years ago, but her hair went all frizzy.

hehehe…I’ve been seeing ads for these recently, and I’m just dyin’ to hear the Harry Potter/Halloween-is-evil contingent pitch a fit about it! Have you listened to the narration in the ads? They’re girls, with special powers, who have to keep them secret…tsk tsk tsk…

I’d just like to say, this is hi**freakin’**larious. Yay Wiccan Barbie! The only thing I dislike about it, is that it says she “hides her magic supplies” it makes it sound slightly more nefarious.

Sits back and waits for fundies to start foamin’ at the mouth. Go pagans!

Heh…“The seller ended this listing early because the item was lost or broken.”

Got one of these for my youngest a few months ago for her birthday and all but the fundies comment.
The commercials for them are even cryptic about “by day a ordinary school girl, but by night with her friends in secret…”
I’m just not sure how to feel about that. I know it’s just a marketing gimic to make it mysterious, but there are so many people out there that put so much stock into little things like that.
Like they are telling people that yes, there are people out there with different beliefs, but they still must be kept out of public site. It makes it seem devious. (I know, I’m reading too much into a childrens toy)

The Kayla one is the prettiest, and Aubreigh was tickled as can be over that barbie.
I do want to go back and get them all for myself and keep them up. Not a big barbie fan, but there are a few out there that I would like to have.
And I really cannot believe that someone paid 70 some odd dollars for a barbie that I picked up for 15! Barbie fanatic or not, it’s a new barbie and they are out there.

She is a cool barbie though. Comes with a couple of chalises (a few barbie size and one kid size) a wand, and a spell book for mixing the powdered potions. No athame though.
My two older girls (14 & 13) actually offered to help the youngest just so they could play with the potions. :smiley:

I’ve seen TV advertisements for this, but I didn’t hear the word ‘Wiccan’ in the name.