New game from Guess the Dictator:

Guess the Movie or TV Show

This one needs a little more work … it guessed neither ‘No Way Out’ nor ‘Suspect’, although it did catch on to Casablanca.

It guessed Seinfeld – but that one’s probably too easy.

But I chose “Miller’s Crossing” and it guessed “The Godfather”.

It got both Bonaza (kind of easy) and Sports Night (impressive), but didn’t know The Goodbye Girl. Maybe it knows TV better than movies.

I like how there are no “yes” answers for the Simpsons(except that it is a cartoon). You answer no to everything else and you are obviously talking about the simpsons. :smiley:

It successfully identified The Princess Bride, but missed Star Trek. I’m shocked and appalled. :wink:

Being a new game, the database is only a fraction of the original. The movie section tends to lead toward comedies; I had to give plenty of “no” answers in order to finally add The Great Race.

It guessed Spin City.
One question on the way was something like ‘Are there 4 women starring in this?’. Could that be * Sex an the City?!*

And now for something completely different:

This database aims to guess any single thing!