New game from the people who brought you "GROW".

I give you “Vanilla”.
The best I have gotten so far is 31.7 ft.

I like that it lets you rest between ‘spurts’.


53.0 and I’m calling it a night.

13.5 …So, what in the hells are you supposed to do, anyway??

Uh, call me a dolt, but I don’t get it. I got the part about clicking on the planter thing to grow the bush, and clicking on the bush to grow an extension…but is there a point? Or strategy? Or something that I should be doing to get my bush higher than 8.5 feet?


5.5 feet. WTF?

I don’t get it either.

Yeah, when it starts to topple, you have to click on the underside of the direction of the toppling to straighten it back up again. If that makes any sense.

You have to stop the plant from touching the sides. If you click off the centre of the plant, that part will move away from where you clicked.

A measly 11.8 feet… sigh My plant grows all wonky.

Okay, after clicking like a madman, I’ve found the actual “how to play” solution. Click on the flashing parts - they’ll flash in order of the pot, then the lowest bush, then the next, all the way up. If you let it sit for too long, the “flash” will fall back down to the pot and you’ll have to start that clickfest over.

21.6 ill be back for more tomorrow…


Nice game - it gets trickier as it goes to more than can be seen without scrolling.

Somebody tell me what GROW is all about - it looks like there’s a ‘correct’ sequence of adding the items, is that it?