flash: grow a plant and hammer tonties.

bored, got some flash games via email yesterday…

Tontie - online ‘hammer the popping heads’ type game, my score is 9955.
Vanilla - some kind of ‘grow the tree’ game, my score is 26.3 feet.
Grow - i had actually spent enough time to solve it… my score is 20,000.

My personal best for the tree-growing game is 39.5, though the posted doper record is 54 by Sublight.

That grow is weird. I got everthing except for the tube and the cube leveled at max. I’ll keep on trying though. There goes my prdoctivity for the day.

Ok, I completed grow. I’m curious to see if there is more than one solution to it though. Here are my moves in order:

1. Ladder
2. Block
3. Sun
4. Egg
5. Mountain
6. Tube
7. Gear
8. Fan
9. Tornado
10. Dish
11. Rocket
12. TV Screen

ha! iampunha i just managed to beat you. :slight_smile:

vanilla tree - 42.7 (i need a taller monitor!)
hammer - 11,430 (and i thought i was good with a numpad…)

Amp, my steps for grow is only slightly different from yours:


I don’t get the tree growing game. How am I supposed to stop the tree from falling over? :confused:

as you grow the plant, nudging it too far left will push it to the right and vice versa. you can also quickly nudge the next ‘bush’ away from the wall to save it. i find it easier to take my time and try to grow it more or less straight to begin with.

hammer - 23,250. this game is impossible! i can’t get pass level 10!! and how do you unlock that death ray?!

bump card - go directly to top of page, do not pass the stickies, do not feed the hamsters.

the hammer thing would be much easier if it let you use the keypad.

Nevermind, I didn’t realize I had numlock turned off.