New Gluttony Plan In Las Vegas!

For those of you who just can’t eat enough, and really want to spend your next vacation in Las Vegas eating, and eating and eating, you will be thrilled to learn that MGM Grand, Excalibur and The Stratosphere now offer ALL DAY passes to their buffets!

Yes, no longer do you have to pay for breakfast, lunch and dinner separately - now you pay one price and can pig out all day!

I have the all-day prices listed on my FOOD section of my website, and if this is something you (or a friend) would like to do, it is quite a savings!

Granted, all three of those locations have buffets that are mediocre at best, but just thought I would throw this out there for anyone who wants to pay one price and saunter in and out of the buffet all day long.

Personally, I think after one day you probably will never want to see another buffet again for a year, but then again, I know a lot of people like to eat, and it would be hard to beat these deals.

When Wynn offers something like this, we’ll be interested. Until then, no thanks. :smiley:

Allow me to add to your excellent guide to Vegas:

the Luxor offers an all-day buffet pass for $29.99 :cool:

I always imagine I’m going to eat 10 plates of food and beat the system. I’m spent after one food though. :frowning:

I think if you are staying at a hotel that offers this, it could be a great bargain. It’s certainly fantastic for the hotel as anyone paying for this will probably not wander far from the resort for the entire day. They will likely spend much more money than planned in the casino trying to get their money’s worth out of the buffet! :stuck_out_tongue:

He just can’t see this happening! :smiley:

The Orleans offers the all day all you can eat buffet pass as well.

$21.00 per person. $25 on Friday because of the seafood buffet.

Hell, I’ve paid more than that for one buffet at Caesar’s Palace.

Wow, the Luxor and the Orleans as well?!

What can I say…I guess I have to update that website again.

I have to admit, back in the days we came here as tourists, we couldn’t imagine NOT eating at a buffet - great bang for the buck, compared to back home restaurant prices. We also used to think it was a sin not to at least sample every single thing there…needless to say, there were many a days when a sudden afternoon nap was called for, and lots of moaning and groaning, “Why did I eat that 5th piece of pie?!”

Now that we live here, it is difficult to do one buffet per week - and that is only when we have lots of out-of-town guests. Maybe you start to get jaded/picky and suddenly nothing really looks good anymore (except at some of the better buffets with more exotic foods).

Still - for the average tourist, I guess these “all day” buffet passes are probably a good deal, although I think they might woefully regret it by about day three.

If nothing else, this news has prompted me to discover that the word “vomitorium” doesn’t mean what I thought it means. Ignorance fought.

Gambling works like that too :slight_smile:

the house always wins

I lived in Las Vegas for a while, and my parents visited me a few times. My father had always eaten lasagna until it’s gone…but that doesn’t work very well when they keep bringing out new pans of lasagna. Another time, I took them to one of the fancier buffets for Sunday brunch, and there was a champagne fountain. My father was incredibly impressed with this. He said it wasn’t the best champagne he’d ever tasted, but certainly not the worst, and he was very, very glad that I was driving that day.

Yes, afternoon and early evening naps were usually part of the day.

A couple of times they brought my brother, who was a young teen at the time. His eyes nearly popped out of his skull when he saw some of the billboards advertising amateur nude dancing.

I saw this when I was at the MGM last week. I saw there was a line for the All Day Buffet Pass and commented to the guy, “Christ, how many buffets can a person eat at in one day?”

Probably not the best place to mention that there are indications that caloric restriction slows the ageing process in monkeys.